October 28, 2008


Getting older is not much fun, Oh my! I've noticed a decline after each birthday arrives each year. I've lost a bit of that snap-crackle-pop speed but after reading some medical articles, the mental powers I have gained is supposed to be a bargain. Yeah....right! I'm making myself sound ancient but I'm no longer "middle aged"! And, yes that AARP magazine is in my mailbox!

I guess, in the old days they called it wisdom....what the heck is wisdom but a dense and rich network of a lifetime of experiences. You can't buy that richness, you can't get it from a pill. You have to earn it....by putting your gray matter to the test time and time again and that gray matter is also in my hair! Thank goodness for hair color!

There is a reason we don't have 20 year olds running Fortune 500 companies. Well, we do have some very young self-made millionaires in the technology industry these days and they got their ideas from playing "pack man"!

So, I guess we older folks are better at solving problems, more flexible in our strategies, and better able to keep our cool during a crisis than younger people. I think we bounce back from a bad mood more quickly too. I'll keep that in mind the next time I find myself wandering through the Mall parking lot looking for my car and cursing (futta, futta) because I can't remember where I parked it! hehehehehe

I certainly wouldn't mind looking younger, I would actually be thrilled but I wouldn't want to look like plastic. I earned some of those laugh lines from happiness. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the frown lines from sad times. Did I forget to mention the weight gain after I stopped smoking almost 2 years ago? Oh my...depressing! Kudos that I'm no longer smoking but I miss my single digit size clothes.......Ugh.
MakeupOh the miracle and magic of make-up! LOL

gold makeup


  1. Thanks for your nice comments on my journal.
    Iam glad you quit smoking and can relate to my copd.
    thanks friend

  2. Hmmmm, I cannot relate to a single digit dress size and have no problems finding my car in the parking lot, but finding the keys in the first place is the problem!

  3. Dan and I are very impressed w/ all the graphics.Have fun.

  4. I have a few of my own laugh, and frown, lines. They are all well earned.

    Glad you quit smoking, and know that the weight is easier to get rid of than the negative health consequences of smoking. Beth and I quit more than two years ago, and feel much better :o)

  5. I definitely have laugh lines...but not frown lines. I'll take 'em!

    Funny that you wrote this...I recently commented on another blog that there's a lot to be said for getting older, as long as we do it with grace!

    Hugs, Beth

  6. I seem to have a lot of wisdom that goes to waste these days. I find the younger generation I come into contact with already thinks they know it all. I guess they too will get old(er) some day.
    'On Ya' - ma

  7. Well Rose, you cheered me up as I was starting to get a little depressed thinking tomorrow another year older. Yes, we all have laughing lines and of course frown ones also and in life we have to learn that we must accept what we are given.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the laugh.

  8. ahhh, the beauty of aging. i'm still middle aged, but i wouldn't trade the wisdom for anything. and it's not the package outside of us that really counts. i have no doubt your beauty from within shines brightly every day. hugz~kbear

  9. You get a little older, you get a little wiser - it's a sh*tty tradeoff. :)

    I like to say I'm growing older but not up and today is the youngest I'll be for the rest of my life - make it count.

  10. with age I think we care less about what people think and more about how we feel. Makes the days more pleasant.....To me that comes under wisdom....


  11. Your hair looks nice. I think those little avatars are neat. I may try them.


  12. Rose, I bet the "snap, crackle and pop" are still there, just in a quieter mode. I think we forget things because we have more things to remember. I know why I'm going into the kitchen but have forgotten by the time I get there. It's not being avsent minded, it's being over flowedly minded. DB

  13. Hello Rose. Thanks for the comment. I think you look fabulous. Love Pam xx

  14. Loved your outlook on age hon! I tend to skip the generalization expected of my age and act according to how I feel (which isn't saying much some days *winks*). I do agree though wisdom is from the lessons we've learned and earned. I like the character lines showing up in my face these days...(Hugs)Indigo

  15. i think you look too young to be getting the aarp magazine! Are you sure you qualify for that? :-)
    I know someone who says the trick is tell yourself you are now aging backwards. so everyday I tell myself...I am aging backwards...ha ha ha ha
    Well anyway, it makes me laugh!

  16. I loved this entry, and I can so relate!

  17. Well another year Ma! At least the snow isn't flying around here just yet! You know how much I hate the cold weather. Why again do I live up here and not down there with you????? I keep asking myself that. I always look forward to reading your blog. I can hear you talking! Luv Ya Rhonda