November 5, 2008

Change can happen!

Wow, Obama scored an Electoral College landslide that redrew America's political dynamics!

Oh, glass was full and overflowing! I always felt wedged between the folds of everyday life's experiences, I have now decided that coping is not enough for most of us "pressure-cooker" people in the world. The people spoke and the people were heard.

The flow of goodwill most definitely poured to Obama's side, even as developments made it so clear how heavy a weight will soon be pressure on his shoulders since he has inherited the serious problems of this country and abroad.

According to the dictionary, to cope is "to struggle or contend on fairly even terms." That to me, sounds like treading water but never getting to shore! We all know that Obama's new life in the White House will be a stress-saturated life but I'm sure he will do more than cope when any big wave comes along! I believe he will do more than just keep his head above water. He is a brilliant, intelligent man who graduated from Harvard and he will be surrounded by other brilliant, intelligent people.

I certainly never thought I would experience an African-American as President of the United States in my life time. I believe not since FDR won the 1932 election has a president-elect faced so many problems both here and abroad like Obama is facing now.

With all the sadness and turmoil going on the the world, we definitely need a wake-up call to remove all the lemons that people put into the menu of life! Lemons are good only on food!

Obama started his Victory Speech by saying:

Hello, Chicago..........

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

Wow, how true….only in America!


  1. why does he have to inherit the problems of the world?

    I thought he only had to inherit our problems.

    just my thought.

  2. Rose, reading those first few sentences of his acceptance speech again got me all choked up. It's so about the American dream!

    Very exciting, and I hope everyone works together to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and a chance at that American dream.

    Hugs, Beth

  3. nice entry.
    i made a post (&tag) on our new president today too.
    come visit.

  4. We are so blessed to be Americans.
    'On Ya'-ma

  5. I agree with you and I believe if anyone can do it he can.... I will pray for him and wish him and his family well

  6. I believe the healing will begin, and that Obama has a chance to be a great president. God Bless America.

  7. He did well. Now let's hope he continues. I like those little dancing thingies on you sidebar. Then again. your journal's always classy.


  8. I hope and pray he will be a good president!

  9. Yeah i was totally amazed by the landslide in electoral votes. i'm happy he's in, but as you said, he has HUGE shoes to fill right now. hopefully his youth will take the burdens he bears in this presidency. i'm anxious to see how he does.~kbear

  10. Great post hon. I had tears in my eyes when I realized they were calling for his win. NY was an Obama state. (Hugs)Indigo

  11. While Mark and I did not support Mr.Obama, it is indeed a historal moment in our nation's life. No matter what the colour of our skin, we can be pround of how far we have come. Now, we must lay aside our diffences and pull together and work together to heal our land.
    Hugs, laini

  12. I hope he is able to keep all those promises of hope otherwise he is just another politician blowing smoke to get what he wanted!!

  13. Wow— Isn’t it incredible what we were privileged to witness last night?

    I also never thought I would see an African American as president in my lifetime—this country got it right this time-


  14. It was certainly an historic election! Thank you for the comment you left on my latest post. I think Keurig is the coffee maker I was looking at at Kohl's recently. I do need a new one, and I just may get one of those.

  15. I was very pleased to come across your entry!!! I have heard so many negative things about about our new president. I for one am so excited that he won!! I am ready for the change and I believe he is the man who can get the job done!!! I hope people can see that is is about the issues and not about the color of his skin...I hope they all remember he is also half white!!!!

  16. nice to see you again rose i shall return lol great entry take care mort x

  17. I wept through the entire speech, as so many other people did. I'm a new visitor to your journal; am impressed with it - will definitely be back.

  18. Oh, you made me cry again reading Pres. Elect Obama's words. I was balling like a baby at 11:01 after I heard that he had gotten into office. Yes, it's finally true, al thigs are possible and to quote his wife "For the first time I AM proud of our country" It's true, I really am happy that peopel put aside the issue of skin color and measured a man by his values and intelligence.

    Thank you for visiting my journal sweetie. I truly enjoyed reading some of you entries.


  19. Well, I'm here reading your entry eleven days after the election and the news is now reporting heightened threats on Obama's life. I just don't get it. Why can't some people step aside and let him do his job instead of protesting the fact that he is not of their race?

  20. Two days ago I heard Christmas carols on the radio & could not believe it. I always put music on while driving, that is where I can sing & not bother the neighbors.

    I too agree, years ago the Christmas decorations never came out before Thanksgiving was over. Just in time for Friday after shopping, for those brave enough, never me.

    Yet, to hear Christmas songs now, knowing we will eventually be inundated in the next two weeks until the end of December, is too much.

    I feel that the stores started early to hopefully get people in shopping as soon as possible. However, after the "black Friday" I think people we will sit back & watch for sales. Me, I am completed with my shopping, the kids (being in their 20's) wanted gift certificates, so I got them one to stores that are solvent & will be open after January 1st.