November 15, 2008

Christmas Spirit?

Internet Friends

I can’t believe it…….it is November 15th and already the stores are decorated and the Christmas music is blaring!

Is everyone in the Christmas spirit? I can’t believe that some people in my neighborhood have jumped the gun even before Thanksgiving! They have their skeletal, mechanical, head-wagging reindeer out on their lawns. They have their Christmas lights blazing and their wreaths hung over the grills of their SUVs, even before the Thanksgiving turkey has been carved! Why is it that Thanksgiving is being brushed over so quickly these days?

I’m philosophically opposed to the blending of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t like mixing the reds and greens of Christmas with the browns and gold of Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving, unlike Christmas, isn’t a holiday that lingers long. So, by now, most people already said goodbye pilgrims, hello elves! Now, where did I put those Christmas lights??? LOL

Florida SantaChristmas in Florida is something you never get used to because of the weather. And, Santa wearing shorts! I complain about all the decorating but if you don’t do them…it would seem strange and somehow empty and, as if I had renounced my childhood or turned a deaf ear to the music that seems to require some visual stimulation. Like them or not, rituals are important. The bigger, the sillier, the more overboard, the better!

I suppose we all get overburdened with the holiday cheer, over the limit in Nutcrackers, Snowmen and Santas. It’s enough cheer to get a person depressed, if you don’t watch out. But I will say Ho, Ho, Ho while rummaging through my boxes clearly marked “Christmas”. So, are all of you starting to search in your garage, cellar, or where ever your storage unit is located … hunt through the boxes for the Christmas decorations?


  1. I don't even think of Christmas till after Thanksgiving ! I will be spending Thanksgiving in a Arizona for the first time. I wonder is they have the same traditions as us New Englanders have.

  2. If I get one more damn fruit cake this year i'll go insane!

  3. that top graphic would make a great header for you!
    love all the holidays. but ea for a different reason.

  4. Nah..i don't even think about Christmas much until after Thanksgiving..i don't like to rush

  5. Well I did play some Christmas music today, but no I don't decorate til after Thanksgiving.
    'On Ya'-ma

  6. I really like to get Thanksgiving done in a big way, but will admit the following:
    1) I went Christmas shopping today.
    2) My family has been talking Christmas gifts for a long time
    3) We have to put our Christmas decor up the weekend before Thanksgiving b/c afterwards it is a whirlwind and we are too busy. That means next weekend. lol

    So I'm not helping any am I?


  7. It is tradition in my family that you put up your Christmas tree/decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, I have to admit I've already started thinking about X-mas gifts, if I start picking up little bits at a time now it doesn't seem so bad... also most of my gifts have to be shipped, so I have to get them going sort of early.

  8. Christmas is my very favorite holiday and I really go all out ... starting the weekend of Thanksgiving. It seems that every year the stores are decorated earlier and earlier.

  9. i like my holidays separate! We dont start decorating for Christmas till after Thanksgiving!

  10. the graphic you moved to your header, looks really nice. the letters show beautifully, easily read. the roses look a little 'dull' in background, but probably only way lettering could appear nice & clear. i like it! i liked the other one too, maybe you could alternate them. changing them out freq?
    well, you emailed for my op[ got it. :)

  11. I hate how Christmas garrishness starts earlier and earlier every year. I suppose this year will be even worse since the stores are hurting so much.

  12. The stores see Thanksgiving only as a day to eat food. Christmas is high on their list because that is the time when they sell more stuff. Sad; isn't it?! It is important to be grateful everyday, but on Thanksgiving, we may get some days off to break bread with family that we don't get to see too often. That's important. As for Christmas, it is crazy to wait until the holidays to shop. I don't worry too much about the adults, but the children are my priority. My Christmas shopping is all year around except during the Christmas season.

  13. I lived 9 years in Fla. I never liked the shorts on at Christmas and couldn't grasp the Christmas lights in palm trees concept. One of the reasons I will probably always live in cold climates for the seasonal changes. It's snowing outside now.

    I usually put up my holiday decorations Thanksgiving weekend. However this year they will be up the week before, simply because I have all of Paul's family arriving the second week of Dec. for the family get together. 24 people in my small tiny house...

    I just want to get the decorating done, so all I have to worry about is the feast and cleaning my house from top to bottom. (Hugs)Indigo

  14. I enjoy Christmas, but the early start to the season drives me batty. I don't get into the spirit until about the second week of December. I do my shopping all year long, because I can't stand to go to the mall during shopping season! Do I sound like a grinch? ;)

    Hugs, Beth

  15. I don't even like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

    Have a good week.

  16. I deefinitely do not start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. One holiday at
    a time. And yes the palm trees will be decorated. We have to do something here to get into the spirit.

  17. The same thing has been bothering me as well. We went from Halloween to Christmas as Thanksgiving languishes in the shadows. Talk about priorities.....


  18. I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I just finished reading your entry and I could not agree with you more about the rushing of holidays. Every store here has Christmas music playing, try looking for a Thanksgiving decoration, forget it.
    As I am writing this, I am listening to the weather brr brr it is cold and they say little snowflakes around. I have the day off today and have decided to tackle my closet, go through my summer clothes and decide what I am taking away. I am going on vacation December 4th, back to Aruba for a week.
    Well, I better get started with my project.

    Take care,

  19. Hi rose,
    I just read your blog and have to agree 100%.
    The first problem is no one wants to wait- I don't know if its the merchants, or the public in general.
    The second is FL. there is no way you can appreciate Christmas in FL after living in New England.
    Regards, Fred C.

  20. I don't decorate till at least the first weekend in december. I do start shopping before then though. Thanks for stopping by my journal and I will make sure to pass the good recipes along to you! Linda

  21. Two days ago I heard Christmas carols on the radio & could not believe it. I always put music on while driving, that is where I can sing & not bother the neighbors.

    I too agree, years ago the Christmas decorations never came out before Thanksgiving was over. Just in time for Friday after shopping, for those brave enough, never me.


  22. I cannot even think of Christmas yet - I am still working on thanksgiving menu -
    take care--Ellie

  23. Hiya Rose,
    I completed my Hanukkah shopping way before the holidays. This became a tradition in our home because we have five children. Now that they are young adults, they make it so much easier on their "old" Mom. Just purchase gift cards (for the stores that will remain open ~ sigh)so that they can chose for themselves.
    Christmas gifts are purchased too and now the decorations, oy vey! I am tired thinking about it!
    Hope you have a grand holiday season and I hope to see you soon.