October 23, 2008

Books, Books, Books!

Talking bookWe even have talking books!

I have been spending a lot of hours in my brand new Library which absolutely fascinates me…the place is so beautiful! I started to search for something interesting to read whether fiction, non fiction and then I found myself in the “Self Help” isle…….so I took out a couple of books to read in that category as well, everyone can use some help, I know I can use some for sure!
The weather here in South Florida has been perfect………temperatures have dropped to 80 degrees and less humidity and that awful sticky heat is gone. So, sitting outdoors in the terrace section of the library with the spectacular view overlooking the lake…sipping on a cup of coffee……..perfect setting for reading!

After reading one of the self help books, I came to the conclusion that the information you get from the best self-help books are very good. Writers have mapped out the roads to in great detail, but the map is not the territory. Everyone’s road is unique and different from any other!

A self-help book can only give you general guidelines. It cannot act on your behalf. You are the one who must take the words and turn them into action and your way of taking action will always be personal. The writer’s map is his or hers, not yours! These books are not written for you personally. To make a book work, you must rewrite it to fit you!

By the way, that fella that winked at me the last time I was there….was there again and he noticed me walking out into the terrace. He brought me over a cup of coffee! He just put the coffee down on the table, winked at me again and just walked away before I could say thank you. Hmmmm! He was no where in sight when I left. This can get interesting! Hey, Jimmy Sullivan….what to you make of this? LOL

At first, I thought perhaps this gentleman works there but I asked the lady behind the café counter about the man who bought me a cup of coffee and she said no he does not work there but he comes there a lot to read and have coffee. Well, you know I certainly walked out of the Library with an extra skip to my step! LOL



  1. I give up....I tried to correct this entry 5 times and place spaces where a paragraph belongs and this site just won't let me edit this issue.........frustrating!

  2. Your entry is still a wonderfully written one hon. The gentleman at the library can get interesting indeed...he's already putting an extra skip in your walk. Keep up updated dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Hmm, your mystery gentleman sounds intriguing!

    To insert a space, if it's being difficult, use your left and right bracket things--I'm sure there's a technical name for them! It's the 'less than' sign and the 'greater than' sign. (I can't type them because they'll show up as HTML.) Anyway, type the less than sign, then P, then the greater than sign (no spaces). That inserts a paragraph break.

    Feel free to email me if that made no sense at all. I'm afraid it might not have!


  4. When ever I get down I like to read the self help books. They usually give me an uplift whether I follow through with their suggestions or not. It will be interesting to see if that man is there the next time you go. 'On Ya' - ma

  5. I wish we had a library here like that. i would be there everyday. It sounds like you are having an adventure at the library. Enjoy your time there.
    I still can't add myself as a follower. I dont know why. I click on it and it doesnt go anywhere. ..hugs, Christine

  6. oh my, bringing you coffee and winking... that would not only make my day but my whole year, lol

  7. self help..a gentelman..all sounds exciting:-) you go girl!~kbear

  8. Beth,

    Thank you so much for your helpful tip that worked just great. It was driving me insane and the continous attempts to correct it was frustrating.


  9. So many topics...so little space.

    1) Tell Mr. Coffee that if I have to drive up to Boca, I will....

    2) Beth has a pretty good grasp on the tech side. There is also another way which I explained a few days ago at Possum's Journal. It is sort of like cheating but it works. Try the following...put any word ( I use "and") in the break..id est..
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    3) Written Saturday (a.m.) with a shaky hand due to my spiritual advisor, J.W. Black, Esq.