October 10, 2008

Happy Hour

I felt the need to meet a girlfriend for Happy Hour yesterday, as I was so tired and beat after all the copying and pasting of the old AOL Journals, etc. I'm thrilled that the migration went over fairly smoothly. Of course, it still meant I had to add my sidebar graphics. I'm still not sure if I like the template that I selected because some of my graphics have a white background and my wallpaper is pink..........Oh......the graphics with the transparent backgrounds look better.

Getting back to the Happy Hour! I was thrilled to be outdoors as I was getting cabin fever being stuck in front of my computer for days.

So, hey to Jimmy Sullivan.....I found my own Area 51 at Pranzo's in Mizner Park (Ladies drink free between 5:00 and 7:00).

As I waited for my girlfriend at the bar, this slimy looking guy, who clearly had one beer too many, looked me up and down. I did my best to ignore him but he wouldn't go away. He later tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I have a water bed and could show you the motion of the ocean!"

Oh this creep! I replied "Sorry, Captain, but I'm already seasick"

Where are all the nice guys? I haven't been out in a long time but lately all the men I meet seem to have a screw loose!

Sitting at the Bar


  1. Thanks for visiting my "Food Lovers" blog and hope you enjoy, it was a shared journal originally on AOL, but I will have to keep adding to it now.

    to change your colours etc, go into the Layout section of your blog, and click on the tab Fonts & colours.


    my main blog link: http//cayasm-isntshegreat.blogspot.com

  2. Rose, hahaha! The guy actually said that to you?! That's one of the crummiest pickup lines I've ever heard! But your comeback was excellent!

    You can easily tweak your colors as Yasmin said. It's fun to play with and get it just the way you like it!


  3. Good for you, my love. Maybe I'll ease on up the road and surprise you one day at your AREA 51 site. I don't see your AREA 51 logo on your site.


  4. just to let you know I enjoy your blog page. I guess it doesn't matter where you live or anything. Creeps are going to show up !

  5. Wow, you have arrived at blogger. You have done a great job at learning the ropes :o)

  6. Wow what a pick up line! Lmao!
    have a great weekend!

  7. that pick up line is hysterical but your reply was even better!! Ha ha

  8. hey Rose..thanks for letting me know you're here. so happy you made it. if you'd like to add me to your Read List on your Dashboard, here is my link: http://karebear4x4.blogspot.com/..cya soon...kbear

  9. hey thanks for stopping by my journal. I did get your request but no email address. I need that in order to send your tag :)

  10. just stopping by to say hi.
    some pickup line, and your comeback had me smiling. ;)
    come visit me, if you haven't already.

    just click on my pic under your followers tab.

  11. Rose... I got your second comment but this is what I got when I went to send the tag...

    The following problems occurred while processing your request:

    rosesareread@aol.com - This is not a known member.

    Your mail has not been sent. Please correct the problems listed and try again.

    you may want to consider including an active email in your profile :)

  12. Hi Rose. Happy to see you made it to the other side! LOL

  13. Here I am. I wasn't a follower. I don't know how that happend, but it's fixed now!