April 4, 2008

Going Green

My new H20 Steam Mop finally arrived and I couldn't wait to put it together fast enough to start sanitizing my tiled floors and rugs.  I'm going totally green in my house.....no more harsh chemicals for me.  Fortunately, the new steam mop only involved two screws and I had it up and running within minutes.  All my tiled floors were sanitized and dried within seconds using only tap water!  Cool!

I kept watching the infomercial on this product for months.  Well, with my insomnia, I'm up late at night watching TV.  I was debating between the Shark Steam Mop and this H20Mop.  I did some comparison shopping and also did a Poll and I was leaning towards the H20 because of the rug glider attachment and the shape of the bottom of this mop is triangle which gets into the corners very easily.  I'm very pleased with my new purchase.

I was using the Swiffer WetJet, so now no more refill cleaning pads, no more refill cleaning solution.  The Swiffer, however, certainly was better than a bucket of water and solution and a mop that you have to ring out!  Those were back-breaking torture and messy days.

I also purchased the Dura Fiber Cloths from QVC and I now no longer buy Windex or Paper towels to clean my mirrors, glass, etc. Those were $19. for 40 re-washable cloths.  They work really good on mirrors!  Just dampen the cloth....and wipe away the dirt and smudges.

We all remember the three Rs.....reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic.  But there are three more Rs you should know to help you become a Green ConsumerRefuse, Reuse and Recycle.

Refuse to buy things that are excessively packaged, that are made of plastics or other materials that are not fully recyclable, that are wasteful in other ways or that you don't really need.

Reuse whatever you can and buy products made of or packaged in reused (recycled) material.

Recycle as much as you can.  This allows us to get the most use out of our precious resources.

If skyrocketing oil prices, and the threat of global warming hadn't already grabbed people's attention, and just recently...........power demand and air-quality warnings certainly serves as a reminder that the world faces concerning questions about our climate and energy use.

While "doing something for the environment" once meant tossing a newspaper in a recycling bin or buying organic vegetables but  now concern nearly every aspect of daily life -- from the toilets we flush to the flowers that decorate our homes-- is being radically thought over and over again.   Scientists are working to transform industry so that it functions more like nature, lessening pollution and inefficiency while propelling the economy forward. We can all do something to make the world a greener place.  We love our country and should all help an any small way possible.

Our ancestors had it right and didn't know it.  We polluted our air and waters and now we have to live more like our ancestors did to help clean it up! 

When I was young and newly married, I remember my older brother, Michael telling me to buy things in glass bottles instead of the new plastic that was starting to be used in the 60s-70s.  In those days, olive/vegetable oils, sodas, etc. were packaged in glass bottles but later they all started to use plastic which was not a good thing environmentally and certainly not safer for your health.

Plastic is one of the most useful materials, but also one of the most environmentally problematic. Most plastics are produced using petroleum and toxic chemicals. When burned, as some garbage is, more toxic compounds are released. 

So, as it turns out, my brother was totally right and he told me that over 40 years ago and I never forgot it.  My brother is brilliant!  He is a retired Chemist.



  1. Good luck buying anything without 'excessive packaging' esp. kids toys. They come packed for earthquakes.



  2. Hi, nice to meet you =)!  I'm Val.  Thanks for stopping by and playing the Weekly Sentence game!  Have you ever gone to Care2.net?  It is a good place to learn about going green and saving the environment and you can click for causes!  Hugs!  Val