April 7, 2008

Are you hating your job?

I'm so thrilled to be recently retired! 

I recall the days of being weary, frustrated, unhappy.  It's not easy out there.  Some co-workers are great and some are back stabbers!  So sad that people go out of their way to make another individual unhappy just for the pleasure of it.  Sickos!

I had the unpleasant experience and interaction with a boss that was a bully, intrusive, controlling, picky and petty and also made sexual advances. 

I recently read an article about a "bad to the bone" boss and it described some of my personal experiences to a tee especially when I was younger.  And on top of it all I had to deal with a less than effective manager that made it worse.  "Bad managers and bad bosses, is a challenge too many employees face." 

HR people work for the company not the employees, that is my personal opinion.  They may make you feel like they want to help you and make you happy but in all honesty.....they are telling management that you are being difficult!  So, don't even bother to tell them your problems with anticipation that they will get that bully in the office out of your face....because it will get worse, they repeat everything you say to management. 

If your values are not the same as boss or manager then you will never be happy in that job.

If a transfer to another department is unavailable then begin your search for a new job. You may want to conduct your job search secretly.

I was not always unhappy in the workforce.....I did have some absolutely pleasant jobs but the last one was unbearable and at a near retirement age........It was pleasant to walk out the door!

I have some friends that still agonize going to their jobs in the morning and my heart breaks for them.  It is so important to be stress free, yah it may require that you take a cut in pay with a new job but I bet you will be smiling in the morning instead of dreading walking in that awful workplace!

Make yourself happy...........you deserve it!  I understand the whole thing....it is a comfort zone to stay where you are....you don't know where or what you are getting into in a new place......the benefits.....yatta, yatta.  Trust me...........being happy and being stress free is more important....so learn to live on a bit less money!

So, give your resume a makeover and let it shine addressing it to that new potential boss! That resume has to stand out among the rest, so work at it.  Forget about that sentence "seeking a challenging opportunity to utilize my skills". (Everyone uses that phrase) but that is what we were taught years ago, we were given generic resumes to use and the same sentence was there.  Not so these days.  I know that sentence was on my resume for a long, long time until I learned to update and customize and don't forget that "cover letter".  Very important and don't use a generic cover letter for each potential job......customize.  I learned this because I was sent to classes after a lay off........this is what the corporate world does these days.  They pay a fortune to send a large group of layoffs to classes and learn how to update your resume.  Personally, I would have preferred the $$$ instead of these classes.  The only thing that changed was not to use that darn phrase!

Here is a sample of what a new resume looks like because it was my last one  I created and I was taught how to update and revise the old resume and what to put under the category of "Summary" for my personal skills:

Executive Assistant with comprehensive administrative support experience serving various C-Level executives in a variety of industries.  Superior organization, communications (verbal/written) and interpersonal skills.  Self-motivated individual able to anticipate and solve problems without supervision.  Recognized for ability to work independently or as a team member.  Proficient in Widows 2000, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, AS400, Act, Helpstar, Word Perfect, PrintMaster, Picasa and several other photo programs.  CPR Certified.  Notary, extensive legal background in Family Law and Real Estate.

Then you can list your "Career Accomplishments", "Employment History" and "Education".

The key is to make it easy for the resume reviewer to see that you are qualified for the position. You want your resume in the "yes" pile awaiting an interview or phone call.

Good Luck!  I'm praying for all of you to get the courage to search for a better job where you will be happy!


  1. Rose,
        First of all, congrats on that retirement.  Enjoy every minute of it.  It may take a while, but you will soon master the art of afternoon napping.
        Second, you are right on the money about those bad bosses and managers.  Your advice is sound: get on your feet and head for the door.  There is nothing more debilitating than a controlling psycho who micromanages every move you make.  Often, letting that sort of person see you exiting the building is the most positive thing a person can do for herself.
        Yeah.  Every morning when you wake up, think about all those hapless people dragging themselves into another day’s misery at work.  Then smile and thank God for His blessings.

    Uncle Bill

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  3. Did you write this post for me????  My office is so toxic.  I have to get out of there soon, I just hope it is after finding a new job and not getting so frustrated and walking out.  :)

  4. Hi there! Stopping by via Magic Smoke. Congrats on your Guest Editor pick!

    Interesting to see this entry, because as of 3:30 PM today, I am also retired. I've been writing about it a lot, because it quite a change!

    Take care!