April 20, 2008

100 Things about me

(Since Val (Valpish) made this a challenging topic on her AOL Journal, I’m giving it a try using hers as a guideline, as I don’t know if there were direct questions to be answered regarding this blog.  Here goes……….


  1. I am 63 years old, oh my…where did all the years go?
  2. I am a mom to two
  3. I miss New England
  4. I do not have grandchildren
  5. I was born in Massachusetts
  6. I currently live in South Florida
  7. I absolutely love New England
  8. I love wine with my dinner
  9. I quit smoking on January 17, 2007  Yippee!
  10. I have gained weight after I stopped smoking…..Ugh!
  11. I also gained weight before I stopped smoking!  Oh my
  12. I miss my single digit size clothes
  13. I can sew, knit and do needlepoint and crewel
  14. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure….Ugh!
  15. I am now a redhead!
  16. I like dogs, I do not like cats.  A cat scratched the top of my first brand new car when I was 18 years old and years later a freaking cat jumped on the top of my baby’s head when I was visiting a friend that owned this cat, I feared it would scratch my baby’s face….so frightening….I dislike cats…then I became allergic to them as well
  17. I love the color blue
  18. I collect dolls, miniature shoes, perfume bottles and Dept. 56/Christmas in the City houses
  19. I have a robot vacuum cleaner (Roomba) I call her “Little Rosie
  20. I love exercising in the pool.
  21. I love diamonds and gold, hey they are a girl’s best friend. LOL
  22. I seldom get bored
  23. I started to wear glasses for reading only at age 50
  24. I’m Catholic
  25. I was married and divorced a couple of times and still believed in love and marriage to do it again and again, (no one gets married with the intentions of later being divorced but things happen) then I  met a wonderful man and I became a widow in the year of 2001
  26. I’m currently not dating by choice.
  27. I did try that online dating thing 
  28. I prefer the old fashioned way of meeting people 
  29. I do not play any musical instrument
  30. I like Yoga and Thai Chi
  31. I have a broken ugly baby toe
  32. I hate Halloween
  33. I found very few 4-leaf clovers in my life…hard to find growing up in the city.
  34. I had a Granddog.  She was a beautiful Sheltie
  35. I graduated from High School and later went on to college after I was divorced
  36. I am blessed with many wonderful friends
  37. I love ballroom dancing
  38. I won a scratch lottery ticket once for $100.
  39. I was in the Legal Field for over 30 years then on to theMedical Field
  40. My favorite job ever was working with a special attorney 
  41. I have kept a diary all my life
  42. I am my own best friend
  43. I love listening to the world waking up in the morning with all its sounds and distinct noises
  44. I love catalog shopping better than walking in the Malls
  45. I do not like to drive long distances
  46. I love mostly all foods
  47. I can not use chopsticks too well, I try then I get fed up and pick up the fork
  48. I am learning to incorporate more fish in my diet
  49. I prefer cooked foods over raw
  50. I love Veal Franchese

To be cont.


  1. Ahh, no wonder we get along seeing as your favorite color is blue and my name is a type of blue (winks). Loved reading this, lets me know more about the person on the other side of the computer screen. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I visited your journal when you were a guest editor's pick and I thought I put you on alerts to come back, but apparently I didn't; came this way again by a comment you left in Dan's journal; I liked reading several of your entries and reading the 100 things about you; you seem like a fascinating person

    this time I'll make sure I put you an alerts because I do plan to come back :)