April 29, 2008

Beauty Salon Gossip

Ladies talkingBeauty Salon gossip is one of the oldest and still the most common means of spreading and sharing various information and views. Oh my, the topics of conversation are not only just on beauty topics either! Some gals can get right down and raunchy with their personal stories! Certainly, a day at the beauty shop is very entertaining to say the least, many, many chuckles as well. I also love the shops that serve wine! Whoo-hoo! When the ladies are a bit tanked……..you would not believe what comes out of their mouths! LOL

We women have performed many strange rituals and experienced much pain and spent mucho dollars to look young. It’s a paycheck alone at the beauty shop just for your color, cut and blow dry. Then the manicures and pedicures is another added expense.

Man haircutHey, guys…………you just have to get a good haircut and shave! Wow, think of all the money you guys are saving and you men look gorgeous when your hair turns gray! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same for women!

I remember years ago, I used cucumbers on my eyes to relieve the puffiness and Preparation H cream that is marketed to treat hemorrhoids used under the eye to reduce the bags and dark circles after a late night out. But the beauty babes of today are going to extremes to look younger than their years.

Gosh, now the women are actually using food poisoning injections to freeze their face and wrinkles…that’s a bit scary for me and trust me, I would love to look younger just like the next gal but I do know some ladies that have used Botox and get these injections over and over.......After so many treatments, it looks so awful and unnatural. Their lips move when they talk and their whole face looks frozen! That does not make them look younger; it makes them look like freaks in my opinion. They lost their personal facial expressions which is what makes a person look unique!

Caution ladies, I recently read an article about Botox and it claimed new research points to evidence that Botox may make a beeline from the injection site to the brain. Yikes! That means Botox may affect what's going on up in your head.........wow...that is nothing to smile about and certainly not making you look younger now is it?????

One woman in the Beauty Salon said she has been drinking Donkey Milk! I never even knew donkey’s produced milk????? Yikes! Where would you buy Donkey Milk? Wow! I think I was on the floor rolling over laughing my head off after that statement! She said she also uses Pepto-Bismol as a facial mask. Now, I would give that a try but I have super sensitive skin and would be afraid I would break out in a heart beat!

I guess women that can’t afford the Hollywood lifestyle search for thrifty treatments that you can find in your medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboards to work miracles on their face!

Well, I have a sister-in-law that used to use the cake form of yeast and whisk it with Ponds facial cream and she has beautiful skin………..go figure…..we all know what yeast does to bread dough! I guess it must plump up the skin and wrinkles be gone! LOL I haven’t tried that either due to my very sensitive skin. But, I would try that well before Botox any day.

The only gossip I could contribute was spreading the news that I love my new purchase (H20 Steam Mop). All my friends are now buying it just by my reviews…..loving it. I think the damn company should give me a commission for every person I referred this product to! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising as they say!

I put my two cents in and expressed that I prefer to age gracefully by eating healthy, exercising and wearing SPANX! There I go again…advertising for another product! However, I do believe in moisturizers….moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Phone saying I love youI know some of my girlfriends have their hair colorist on their speed dial and one who has her plastic surgeon on hers……………So, who is on your speed dial?

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  1. this was cute! living here in Orange County, California, money spent on personal care is spent abundantly by the rich and the famous, something I am neither. I like what my son did; bought his own clipper set and cuts his and his friends' hair, has saved a lot of money since doing so

    I don't think I have anyone on my speed dial, LOL