January 9, 2008

Starting the New Year

The weary, hoarse-voiced presidential candidates look and sound exhausted while I viewed the News this morning.
It’s that season when residents probably want to unplug their phones and more, as campaigns and candidates try every tack to influence votes. When I returned home from Boston, there were 4 political messages left on my recorder.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire's Democratic primary Tuesday night, pulling out a stunning victory over Sen. Barack Obama in a contest that she had been forecast to lose.  Go Hillary!

I personally think it will be amazing to have a woman as our President!

I'm joining a Beginners Yoga class with my friend, Laurie at the local school.  The price for the classes comes to about $6. per class for 10 weeks.  I selected a beginners class as I tried an intermediate class once with my friend, Palma and I could barely walk afterwards.  I know the stretching is very good for the bones so I want to try again.

Laurie and I are also going to explore and venture out to a new Singles Dance this week at the Marriott Hotel. I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens at this dance. 

Then our weekly dinner with the Widow's Group.....always nice to sit and chat with friends.  We change restaurants weekly and always at a reasonable priced place to jive with our modest budgets.

I love seeing old classmates and good friends.  I'm looking forward to seeing Jeanine once again before she heads back to home.  She is here visiting her daughter and son that live near me.

Hey, Sal ....forgot to ask in my last email.....did you finally get the keys to the new car for your wife? 

Great News, Rhonda and Brian will be vacationing in Florida in March.....looking forward to their visit.

O.K. time for my walk around the complex and move these old bones!



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