January 30, 2008

Meez Michelle taking pictures


click on the above to see the female Meez I created of Michelle taking pictures in Faneuil Hall.  Too cute!  Also click on the right bottom where you see check out styles in album....me at beauty shop with my red hair, me doing yoga, Michelle on skimobile.

Also check out the male Meez's I created for my boys!


you can also click on the right hand side of the Meez site and click on see all styles in album.....too funny.....one of Jimmy getting totally frustrated with the computer another of  Danny on the Keyboard, Thommy Laughing, Jimmy on his new computer chair and Billy on the ski mobile.

I'm still trying to learn how to insert music and keep the Meez's with full movie view...it some how transfers into short movies.............bummer!  But hey are a hoot!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, I have no idea how to add music. Good luck :)