January 17, 2008

My doctor's comment re: Vytorin

I just got off the phone with my Cardiologist's office and I was informed that my doctor is keeping everyone on Vytorin.  The nurse said the doctor told his patients that the study was not complete and does not warrant changing the prescription for his patients.

I sort of felt uncomfortable about this.....I did call Ira's Discount Pharmacy as they are the cheapest around for scripts. 

They told me that the generic Zocor is only $7.36 for 30 pills.  So, that is affordable.

Vytorin is $250 per mo. if you don't have insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have been more assertive and requested the change anyway.  I'll wait and call back to make my request.

Anyone else out there on Vytorin?  I would appreciate your thoughts and what your doctor says. 


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