January 12, 2008

Can't Sleep Again!

Oh my, it's 3:30 AM and I'm still awake.  I got tired of tossing and turning so I decided to get out of bed and read for a while.  A friend gave me a Zanix with anticipation it would help me catch up on some zzzzzz's and get a good night's sleep for a change......no such luck!

The Writer's Strike is causing me stress not being able to watch my favorite programs...........oh just repeats and more repeats.  Time to go back to the Library for more books to read to occupy my evenings.

The clock is ticking on the digital TV changes!  Yikes, we all have only one year to prepare for the switch from analog broadcasting to digital television.  Another costly expense for most of us that have not purchased those sharp looking high definition digital televisions yet.

It is my understanding that we may have a choice to purchase converter boxes for a fee.  Great....just great....more expenses!  Yeah, my den would look much nicer with a flat screen TV but I currently have other priorities then to replace two perfectly good TVs that are running just fine.

Well, in this world of new technologies constantly changing....we have to pay a price for all the new upgrades.  Some are great and others not necessary other than making a good profit for the inventor.

Did you hear on the News that Congress has set February, 2009 as the deadline to switch.  If you own an analog TV now which mainly relies on an antenna rather than cable or salellite to receive signals, it will be a must for a new purchase of a digital TV.  So, start looking out for sales now.

I have been sneezing non-stop since I came home from Boston!  I hope it's not a cold coming on.  It started the following day upon my return home from Boston after I got through walking in the AM for exercise.

Did you know that people who can talk comfortably during exercise are likely to be working at the appropriate intensity, and that this test is a good way to predict intensity levels, even corresponding to exercise prescriptions (like the target heart rate) from doctors or trainers.  I used to breath heavy while talking and walking with a co-worker on my lunch hour.  But I was a smoker then and don't notice it too much lately.

January 17th marks a full year that I gave up that nasty habit!  Yippee!  That prescription Chantix worked well for me. 

Does the picture below look familiar to anyone????? 

It is my third grade class.  Thought my classmate friends would get a kick out of this.  Do any of you recognize your little face??????  Too cute!

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Thanks, Rose

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  1. Rose,
    I really enjoy reading everything you write and I honestly share with you those sleepless nights.  I fall alseep without problems, but then continue to wake up every two hours, don't even have to look at the clock, I know the time.  The worse part is falling into a deep sleep about an hour before I have to get up for work.