January 21, 2008

For the Wine Lover

I just bought this fabulous electric wine bottle opener by Emerson.  I saw a similar opener at a friend's house and have been searching for it ever since.  If you are a wine lover like me, you will love this.  It also comes with a foil cutter which works great!  I found this in Target for $19.99.  The original one I was looking for was silver and made by Oster and the price was $25.00.

Well, I finally became a member of the online dating site.  Oh my, the emails started to pour in and it reminded me of several years ago when I joined Match.com.  I later became bored with sorting out all the Losers from the potential individual I would care to date.....until I gave it a long break.  I don't even know if I want to date anymore.  Dancing, dinner, conversation is nice but I'm definitely not interested in getting married again.  BTW, the online dating site is a totally free site.

This site is nice because they have dances held at nice hotels and social coffee meetings at Starbucks, etc.  I think that is nice, at least you know where the crowd your age is hanging out and gives you the opportunity to join them if you wish.

Well, one funny thing did happen.  My friend, Laurie is also a member and we both live in the same city and searching for men in basically the same age category. Oh my....the same guy is emailing both of us.....hehehehehehhe  The guy put two and two together and I think he was embarrassed about the situation.  Hey, we are all grown adults and understand that this can happen.  Heck, I could be corresponding with a guy friend of his for that matter.

This can become interesting!  I'll keep you posted.

Purchased a Yoga Mat today and I'm ready for my first Beginner's Yoga class starting tomorrow night.

O.K.  I need to take a survey out there.  I'm interested in that new H2O Mop or that Shark Mop

I saw that the H20 Mop looks great for all kinds of floors from tiled to hardwood and also has an attachment and it can be used to steam carpets as well.  That would be great to be rid of any dust mites in carpets.  I'm not sure if the Shark steamer has that feature. 

This should be interesting if anyone out there has one of these products.....I don't want to waste my money if they don't work......at my age, I like products that make a clean up process easy and also goes easy on my back and these old bones!  I do like the idea that steaming is safer than using harmful chemicals to wash your floors, etc.



  1. This wine bottle cork remover is great!

  2. i have lots of fun blogs about match dot com and other dating services-- i can understand where you are coming from!