January 5, 2008


Trying to deal with jet lag right now.  I spent hours opening up mail that was sitting in my mailbox for nearly 3 weeks, that alone took quite some time to sort....then pay bills....you know the routine when you return home from a vacation.

I thought I'd go online and play with this blogging site again.  This is a new exciting world of the blogosphere for me!!!!!!!  Before you type your first word, you need to take a variety of factors into consideration.  Whether your blog will be private or public.  I prefer private but I received many complaints that my friends could not open up the blog...so I switched it back to public again and now I get strangers leaving comments......Oh my...all good I might add. 

Being a blogger involves more than a willingness to learn how to blog.  It also involves a commitment to blogging which is a popular pastime on the Internet.  A bit different than my Newsletters and I'm still playing with all the features which are strange to me yet challenging.

I haven't heard anything from my fans which they like better except for one that likes my old way of Newsletters better.  But the blogging does not need to be downloaded which is a good feature for some of my friends that are not computer savvy.....

However, people are supposed to check into you blog site periodically to see if you have made another entry in your journal which I know my family and friends will not do so I would still have to give a reminder of some sort......Let me hear from you....I would appreciate your input on this.

I still have two people that I send my Newsletters via snail mail....I don't think I can print these blogs out...not sure...............

I haven't exercised the entire time I was away............I ate way too much and foods I normally don't eat on a regular basis when I'm alone. 

Time to get back on the Ab Lounger.....I can't get in the pool until the temperatures go up a bit.  Today was in the 60's.


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