July 31, 2010

Contagious Emotions!

I don't remember the last time I ate a doughnut but I love this graphic!  LOL  Jelly doughnuts used to be my favorite many, many years ago in this little bakery in Revere, MA!

I guess, like everyone else, I get excited about accomplishing something important.  I didn't realize how my enthusiastic emotions were so contagious!
Check'in mail
I received numerous emails from friends stating that they were also concerned about their health and bad blood work results and appreciated that I shared my story with them and I felt the same vice versa.   I swear, I think I have half of South Florida drinking Green Tea!  I have two friends that wrote to me to tell me that they also joined Silver Sneakers. Kudos!

My enthusiasm obviously communicated good karma to many which pleased me a great deal. I strongly believe that my instructor at my gym motivates me tremendously. I did try two other gyms previous to the one I attend now and did not enjoy their Silver Sneakers classes. This instructor drew me in like a magnet which makes me look forward to my gym classes. She is also funny and entertaining which makes the workout not a grueling task.  Well, don't get me wrong, it's hard work for sure.  The last ten minutes of the hour class, I start looking at the clock because my body is telling me I'm getting very tired and was pushed hard!

When I discussed my experience with others, it somehow effortlessly attracted the support of others into my life and joining me in my Silver Sneakers Classes and also eating healthy.  And, the Green Tea factor was a major influence on my last lab report for sure!  Don't forget to count those carbs!  My Nurse Practioner said, if you want to drop 15 pounds.........stop drinking wine!  I love my wine but I stopped drinking it and replaced it with Green Tea.  I even put my Green Tea in a wine glass!  LOL  I personally like drinking it luke warm.  If you must drink wine, at least drink red wine and limit it to only one glass per night!  Yeah, I know.........we wino's want more but you have to love yourself more and be a good patient.  And, give up the cigs!

Even my smallest accomplishments made me continue to move forward during the past seven months of medical issues. Out of fear, with super high liver counts, I seized every opportunity available to me, the gym, the Vegan Diet book (the doctor told me to buy called "Eat to Live"), help from my friends, help from my blogger friends, Gastro Specialists, etc. I was the model patient and did exactly as I was told even though my Primary doctor is a total jerk with bad manners! The Nurse practioner knows far more and has a much better personality.

I think I may have found a new Primary Doctor only one town away from where I live that was referred to me and a woman doctor at that.  I've never been to a woman doctor before. I have to seize the opportunity to obtain better healthcare that I deserve. My Insurance Company advised me to interview this new doctor I have in mind to see if I would like switching over. We all deserve better healthcare but you have to play a role and do your homework in order to get it. Don't ever just accept what is given to you.

Get healthy my friends.  Take your lab results seriously and be in charge of your own health.  Not all doctors are created equal!
Don't Step on it..It makes you cry!


  1. Glad things are looking up. Good luck with the new doctor.

  2. It is easy for us to see how you are a magnet. Your enthusiasm comes thru in your writing. We always enjoy 'Roses are Read'. It should make you feel good to be spreading good will, cheer and healthy hints.
    Love good reports also.
    Love from Mackinac Island, MI

  3. Great idea interviewing the doctor!! I hope it goes well. Remember to have some questions for her written out and dont be afraid to pull out your list.

    I'm glad your health is improved and now you are helping others!!

    Good luck with the interview Rose!

  4. So glad that all your hard work is paying off....great lab results are worth it all.
    I too will be checking out new doctors real soon, this is not going to be easy.
    (oh , yes, I know the bakery that you loved for the donuts, it was one of the first things you and Janice introduced me to when I moved to Revere, I still dream of those donuts and how they smelled and tasted when they were first put out..if I am right they were still warm when we would get them)

  5. I'm so glad you are doing so well and enjoying your healthier life style. I still enjoy a donut when I want one and thankfully am doing well too. I do hope the new doctor works out well for you.

  6. Last year I had a very high liver enzyme count. It ended up because I was taking lots of tylenol on a daily basis. Once I stopped taking so much tylenol, my level's came down to a normal rang.

  7. I am so, so proud of all the work you have been doing!!! Is Silver Sneakers all over the country? Do you have to be a certain age? I am going to check into it. Take care, Rose! Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I will be better =)!! Love you, honey! Val xox

  8. I would have a hard time giving up my vices, but I admire your will. When my doctor wanted me to change my habits to live ten years longer. I asked him, "What am I going to miss, drooling?"


  9. OMG Dora I can smell those donuts now. How about that bakery at the beginning of Fenno Street in Revere. What a place to put a bus stop. LOL
    Rose, Your giving me encouragement to go back to Weight Watchers. I need to finish what I started last year.

  10. Sullivan's for the jelly donuts, Russo's was the bakery at the bottom for Fenno St. than of cours there was Phil's , it was that small Italian bakery a few doors up from Russo's... We lived in Bakery heaven.....