July 10, 2010

My progress on the Vegan Diet with a twist!

Ever since that Medicare Card came in the mail, my second home is the doctor's office!  What happened?

At first, yes it is very difficult to stop eating meat and dairy and no alcohol.

We are addicted to cheese, dairy and meats. When I was first told to do this Vegan diet by my doctor, I looked at it as a serious problem to deal with. I went through a phase of wanting and craving and then it's over. How long that goes on depends on the people around you and your lifestyle.

Eventually you start to feel better and better, and have more energy than you've ever felt. Foods don't weigh you down anymore. Everything digests as it should. You start losing fat and gaining muscle tone.

As time passes, cheese and meat starts to look like lard! I've learned to make a very good vegetable pizza without any cheese.....not even the Vegan cheeses........I don't like them at all. I also don't like the Tofu which people use to make fake looking chicken and meat dishes........Ugh.

I was told that I could have a piece of fish once in a while. Fish was never one of my favorite foods....I miss a veal cutlet and my meatballs in my Sunday gravy.  I only ate steak once every two weeks or so. Kansas City Steaks sells an American Heart Association steak that is only 4 oz. and less grams of fat than the veggie burgers....go figure.

I do have to ask my doctor if I can go back on my muli-vitamin, as he took me off all meds including over the counter meds and supplements to try and find the culprit that is messing with my lab work. So far, no luck and going on 7 months of this process and elimination..ugh...so frustrating.

The Gastro Specialist that I was sent to told me I could go on a low fat diet, so I was excited and stopped at the Market on the way home and bought a boneless, skinless chicken breast to introduce back into regular food. Well, I had a super stomach ache that night..........I was warned that my tummy may not like the animal fats again and that this would happen.

Tilapia was a bit easier on my stomach. Whew.......wish my doctor could resolve this issue soon. I also added three more days to my exercise routine.

Eating off the land is a lot easier, as you don't have to read labels as there are none on fruits and fresh vegetables!

So, I think I'm more of a Vegetarian now than a true Vegan!  You would think it would be cheaper to just eat fruits and vegetables but it is not.  As, most of these fruits and veggies should be organic to make sure you are not getting pesticides in your body.

I still look forward to my Silver Sneakers Classes three days a week and I have added some walking on the other days to hopefully lose more weight and tackle this blood work issues that are giving me great concern.

I have a sister-in-law that a few years back went through the same high liver enzymes and she started to drink lots of green tea and she now has normal results on her lab tests.  So, of course, you know I went out to buy two huge boxes of Green Tea!  And, ordered Green Tea Kcups for my Keurig brewer!

I'm certainly trying!  I've shed a few pounds, so that is great but I need to lose more.   I think I need a drink! LOL

Hugs, Rose


  1. You have lots of will power and gumption to stick to a diet like that for so long. I do hope you can discover what ever it is that is causing your problem. Glad you are feeling better though.

  2. Interesting insight for me since I've been thinking of going vegetarian except maybe fish. thanks for this entry. I hope you find the culprit soon and can enjoy sum foods again...

  3. Whoa ho! I loved the e-mail notice of the 'Roses Are Read' update. Neat graphics.

    Glad you are adjusting more to the vegan diet. I think we have some things in commmon, the Tofu especially is not for me.

    We always have the veggie pizza at piza hut, I know there is still a lot of cheese, but I feel better with no meat.

    YOu are right, we are addicted ot cheese and dairy products. We do eat a lot of chicken now. I am probably doing wrong but I drink a tablespoon of olive oil with my vitamin pill. But the strange thing when I started I had only reg. olive oil and had no problem, now I am using virgin oil and have a terrible after taste. We also started drinking the diet greet tea.

    Enough of that.
    I hope they find the sourse of the consternation soon. You have a lot of staying power, that is great.

    Take care and stay cool.
    Love from NC for two more days!!!! Then off to see the wizard, where ever he may be. hahaha!

  4. Rose: Good luck with the green tea. I hope it works.
    Yes, I have to agree with medicare comes lots of doctor visits. My turn for my six month physical is just around the corner and I need to have my blood drawn this week for my doctors visit. Oh, boy, do I hate those needles. But I've learned in the past couple of years (since you can drink water anytime before the blood tests) I drink anywhere from 15 to 25 ounces of water starting an hour and a half before the test and my vein "pops" up so they don't have to search for the vein and this does work for me. Anything to ease the pain.
    Have a great day.

  5. Good Morning Rose,
    You are doing just great on the healthy eating plan, good for you. You should bae very proud.

    Donna Ying

  6. Thanks for the update. I enjoy reading Roses Are Read. I have been busy with graduations, birthdays and the dentist.

    Cathy Mineo

  7. loved the blog. and the graphics. You are gorgeous


  8. Thank you for the kind compliments!


  9. why are you on a diet to begin with? Is there some blood work problem? I used to end up going back and forth to the doctor, for liver enzyme problems, until I went on a low carb diet and now my blood work is excellent. I cut out breads, cereals, sugar, most pasta except dreamfields, rice, alcohol and eat more UN processed foods. Just meat, vegetables and very little fruit (only berries and cantaloupe all others are high sugar and I stay away from them)I am lactose intolerant so I dont drink any milk at all, though cheese is ok because it contains fat and not just lactose. When you remove the fat from dairy products you turn them into nothing but lactose which becomes sugar in your blood.
    Low fat diets dont work because they contain too much grain. But your doctor wont tell you that because the government tells them to push grains so they do. Othere countries have figured out why America is so obese. In the last 20 years the governement has pushed "low fat" with grains as the base for this. Its not good for you and more people apparently have to get sick before anything changes.

  10. Hi Rose,
    I enjoyed your blog today....
    bravo to you for your diet changes; it sounds very hard to do.
    Only one thing--I'd question eating tilapia. I adore fish but won't
    touch that one. I heard / read that it is very fatty and unhealthy----
    and equates to eating a Big Mac! Worth looking into that....
    Congrats on losing weight, too!
    Hugs, Deby

  11. You are doing great with the diet.
    I too have added more fruits and veggies to my diet. I do have meat, not much dairy and I do have fish. I try to make the main part of my meal be the veggies. I have to watch the carbs and certain greens. It is almost an art form to come up with a tasty and healthy diet AND have it come in on budget.....LOL

  12. Hi,
    Yard by yard......it's hard. Inch by inch....... it's a cinch!

    Carolyn Carmosino

  13. Hi Rose,
    Good for you ... there's just so much research out there that shows why it's good to eat more vegetables and fruit, less animal proteins ... this will help you in a variety of ways.

  14. Life style changes are so hard to make, sounds like you are doing splendidly with yours.

  15. Keep up the good work Rose, you are doing great. I too enjoy the Dreamfields pasta, but don't overdo it.
    Take care.

  16. Good for you, Rose! Lord help me if I ever have to change my diet. Normally, I eat what I want, when I want, but I'm sure that dreaded day will come when I have to establish a better diet.