July 24, 2010

I'll be happy when?????????

Postponing, Excuses, are you ready to give it up yet?

I hear people say:         
I’ll be happy when I lose 25 pounds, I’ll be happy when I get a new job or new car, I’ll be happy when I fall in love again, I'll be happy when I can finally quit smoking, I'll be happy when I get out of debt, I'll be happy when I stop drinking, etc. And, they do nothing about it but say, I'll be happy when???????

Why put off your health until Monday when you say you will start your new diet or start eating healthy. Or say you will stop smoking after the holidays....Stop postponing........well, stop making the excuses! We are all guilty of those excuses including myself. The real enjoyment in life is the journey – I believe we all have lost the importance of enjoying the present moment and being healthy. Gosh, it took me to turn 65 and run into medical issues to give me a wake up call. Thank you to the caring people that have experienced their issues with me and how they conquered their liver count blood tests results to get back to normal.

I learned to stop postponing things in my life and you should stop too! I plan on enjoying my life, right here, right now! I was thrilled when I conquered and stopped smoking almost four years ago and now I’m focused on the liver and weight issue. I’m working real hard at it in order to get my blood tests back to normal. I want to be healthy. Wish I knew half of this stuff when I was in my 40s-50s. We all ate poorly and some still do………they all have excuses as to why they should stop smoking, they say they know people who have died that never smoked a day in their life…..gosh…….more excuses! I know, I had those same excuses for 47 years that I smoked cigarettes.

I recently received a wonderful email from a Blogger friend that gave me a wake up call after my post regarding "Going Vegan".  I was so upset and concerned about my blood work and confused with the medical care I was receiving that I was a mess with worry! Thank you dear Special Blogger, you know who you are!  And, I'm pleased to announce that my last blood work and appointment with the Gastro doctor yesterday showed a great improvement on my liver enzime!  Whooooooohooooooooo! 

I also drank tons of green tea and gave up the wine and took contol over the carbs!  Now, time to concentrate on reducing the cholesterol.  It went down but not low enough.  Also, a big thank you to a family member regarding "Green Tea".  I was off of all meds and all over the counter meds too for 7 long months so the doctor could find the culprit that was spiking the liver.  So far, they think the culprit was the weight.  I also need to thank my dear friend who is a Nurse Practioner.  She puts all these doctors to shame!

With the right knowledge, you can conquer all! High technology is wonderful and Blogging and sharing thoughts and your life with total strangers is amazing with the knowledge you can obtain in return along with some serious researching on your own! You have to get involved with your own life and body and not just rely on what your doctor is saying, you know…….that doctor that rushes you out the door and is great on just writing out another script!

Remember to always ask the doctor for a copy of your blood work results and a copy of any tests that were performed. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. Ask some of your friends if they even know what their Cholesterol count is or their Liver count. They will tell you, “I don’t know”………they will say “the doctor said everything is fine” or they will say “the doctor said to lose weight”. And they have no clue what is going on in their own body and who should care more than you?

I have a hard time clearing my mind of the distracting thoughts. I've learned to discipline myself when necessary in order to reach my goals I've set for myself like keeping up with my exercise routine. Years ago, I hated going to the gym, now I look forward to it. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far and I need to lose a bit more to be in the right range for my height.  Yep, I did gain weight when I stopped smoking like most people do but don't let that discourage you to stop.  The toxins in tobacco is brutal and dangerous to your health.

I realized that at any age, in any condition, whatever the circumstance, you can bring to life the highest vision that is within you. I learned this from the 80 year olds that I have in my Silver Sneakers Class. Boy, they are such a strong group. They also have amazing personalities!

Yes, I know that I can. And this is the day for me to begin to help myself when my doctor is not doing his job to provide me with better care. With most of these doctors, it is an assembly line and $$$. With me, it is my life! Don’t get me wrong, there are some great, caring doctors out there, I just got stuck with an awful Primary Care doctor which I’m working on replacing.

Hugs, Rose


  1. Glad your count is better and they concluded what the culprit is. Sounds like you are on your way mentally and physically. Kudos!!!!


  2. Glad to hear of your great improvement!! Sounds like you are doing a great job of caring for your health.


  3. Rose, wow, this is a great positive post, of course yours are positve! (except just after someone suggested you drop most of your regular 'GREAT ITALIAN' foods for awhile. HA!)

    The better count is good. I too believe Dr.'s are more of a business, I don't like the ending statement, 'See the rceptionist, I'll see you again in two weeks!'

    It seems they NEVER EXPECT you to be WELL enough not to see them.

    I do like it when I have some one to trust like your nurse practioner.

    Anyway as always it is great to read your blog. Super to hear the weight loss and the blood work.

    Love to you from Michigan,
    Sherry & Jack

  4. Wow!! Thanks for doing all that work to inform us. It is truly wonderful and the time you took to do it is impressive. You are the woman!!

    Thanks, Joe Greenberg

  5. I'm so happy that you got some good news at the doctors. I love how positive this post sounds. I think having a positive attitude is half the battle sometimes. I know I couldn't get motivated to work out when I was totally stressed out at work and it probably would have been the best thing for me to work off some of that stress. We all know what we have to do to be healthy but it's hard to put it in practice day after day, month after month, year after year. The key is to learn how to balance it all. Keep up the good work taking care of yourself and book a flight to Boston soon. Love you! XOXO

  6. Ah, putting things off and making excuses. Sounds so very familiar. Great blog and thanks for sharing it! I love your writings.

    AM SO HAPPY for you regarding your labs, fantastic! You've done quite well and deserve a pat on the back!

    Love alli.

  7. Good for you Rose! It's not easy but the first step to anything is attempting to change. Keep at it!


  8. I think happiness should not hinge on health or achievement, we should be happy because of who we are and what we have to offer.

    Great news on your lab results. As for the cholesterol, try oatmeal, it is supposed to help absorb it.

  9. I'm so thankful that things are looking so much better for you. I noticed that you mentioned the green tea a couple of times and that is one thing I do love to drink... I think you are very fortunate to have good friends that are being so helpful. Some doctors are good and others not so and to find the right one isn't easy. Your enthusiasm is to be applauded. Keep it up!

  10. Yay!!!! Rose I am so happy for you!!! And you have helped me too because I am going to start drinking lots of green tea in anticipation of my future bloodwork having to be done in September!!!

  11. You sound like you have yourself on track for a healthier life. I wish I could drink tea of any kind but it's a no no for me. My body likes to make kidney stones on a regular basis and tea encourages stones. LOL

    Have a good week.

  12. Dont worry about drinking green tea Rose, only regular tea can contribute to kidney stones. According to Xudong Li, a Chinese researcher at Sichuan University, green tea does not prevent the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, the leading form of kidney stones. What Li’s research has suggested, however, is that green tea seems to alter the form of the crystals that tend to develop. Green tea seems to encourage the development of the dihydrate crystal while discouraging the monohydrate form, which is more rigid and more difficult to rid from the urinary system. In other words, drinking green tea may help prevent trips to the emergency room for those susceptible to calcium oxalate kidney stones.

    Also people who eat a low processed food, low sugar and carb diet are less susceptible to kidney stones as a group, when they begin healthy eating before they have trouble with kidneys.

    So drink it! LOL Its good for you.

  13. Great post Rose. Happiness is not on the other side of 25 pounds. I think you've said it. If there is such a thing as happiness it's found in having positive goals and pursuing them with discipline and joy.

  14. Rose, you should be very proud of yourself. You are doing wonderful. I to need to lose more weight but I seem to be having a hard time getting back on track. After reading how good you are doing it is making me gain my confidence back. Jance