June 7, 2008

Sex and the City Review!

The dialogue was sharp and precise, even to an audience that is now used to women characters talking very frank about sex, it may no longer seem so shocking.

I loved the part when the girls were talking about sex in front of a child, referring to the act as “coloring”.   How often did Miranda do coloring?   Not nearly enough.  Samantha, the sex goddess single of all the older women, of course, she liked to use all the crayons in her box, while Carrie said that when Big colored “he doesn't always stay inside the lines.” (this part was already on TV promoting the movie so I don't feel like I'm giving anything away)

I was disappointed to read reviews that gave away the entire show.  Fortunately, I viewed the reviews the following morning after I saw the movie.  That was not fair to viewers and die hard fans like myself.  I think it was o.k. to chat about the clips showed on TV but don't go further than that.....

ticketWho wants to see a movie when the plot is already on the computers before you even buy your ticket!

I wept and cheered along with the other women in the audience.  I loved all the beautiful clothes and shoes.  It was like Saks Fifth Avenue/Neiman Marcus catalogs on steroids!  I was also surprised to see so many men in the audience.  I'm sure they were pacifying their ladies but I heard comments that they really enjoyed the flick.  It was not just a girly show.....men would enjoy it too.

I loved, loved the movie.  I love, love Mr. Big!  I loved all of Carrie's outrageous outfits and shoes.  You can only get away dressing like that in New York!  LOL

Blue shoes






  1. I too saw the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Unlike your movie house mine had only a few men
    Perhaps it waw because it was a Sunday afternoon
    and all the mebn were home watching sports.

    I hear there may be a sequel in the future.  YEAH

    Janice Scandone

  2. I am not a sex in the city fan. But i really havent watched much of the episodes. I may just check out the movie since everyone is saying  that it is funny. Thanks for the review...love, Christine

  3. You have to see the movie.  I'm a die hard fan and love Mr. Big!

    Hugs, Rose

  4. I only watched this series every once in awhile, but I do want to see the movie. Haven't made it yet, but have heard it was good.
    Take care, Chrissie - MTC