June 21, 2008

Prince Charming!

Could Cinderella have been happy if she had never met Prince Charming?  Hmmm!  I wonder????

All fairytale princesses found happiness with a "Prince Charming".  Think about all your love stories and phrases like the classic Jerry Maguire "you complete me"!  I have the Jerry Maguire DVD and have viewed the movie a couple of times....and the words "you complete me" rented space in my head ever since.

With so many online dating services and TV's reality shows about the bachelor/bachelorette, we are always tuned in thinking about dating, marriage and mating!

Since I have been on a few sides of the track.......I experienced being single, married, divorced, remarried and now widowed and single again in my 60's.  I found that society is always questioning dating methods, being single, being a couple.... or having a sole mate or being a single parent and finding a sense of family or dealing with sexuality. 

Yet many people trade in their partner for whatever romance lies behind door number three — usually someone with exactly the same inner workings as the person they left behind, different packaging on the outside but same emotional map within. I have to believe life would be easier, cheaper and happier if we could make it work in round one.

When Tom Cruise uttered those memorable words to Renee Zellweger in “Jerry Maguire,” he summed up all the romantic dreams so many of us have for love. We all want that perfect person who completes us, that amazing individual who understands us,  whose mere presence makes us feel like we are on top of the world!  But how many of us find our "Prince Charming" in round one?

I think happy single men and women no matter their age have made a home that nurtures, most have satisfying jobs, financially secured, satisfaction with sexuality, have a connection with the next generation, a close network of friends and a sense of conformity with their lives.

Most families today are nontraditional families and nontraditional living environments can be just as fulfilling as traditional ones.

We ladies always had dreams of our "Prince Charming" because we read too many fairytales and saw too many Walt Disney flicks between Cinderella and Snow White.  While many of us ladies still like a good fairytale that begin with "Once upon a time", most of us are well aware of the realities of relationships and choose to make our own "happily ever afters".

The Prince Charming title has often been applied to male characters or to real men who seem to possess all the qualities that would make women fall in love with them.  However, in the modern world of today, many women would claim they do not need a "Prince Charming" and don't need to be "rescued."  Many feminist critics believe that the "Prince Charming" ideal is unrealistic and reverts many women to "damsels in distress" who need to be rescued.

Love is love and it is wonderful!  And, it hurts when you lose your loved one, so whether you want to call your love, Prince Charming or Cinderella...........just enjoy your life and the people you love every day.  Life is short and precious so make good use of it.

I have had a few glass slippers in my day!  I personally liked feeling like "Cinderella" and I loved couplehood.  My acceptance of singlehood is only by default.

Til this day, when I'm out at night.......I don't want to go home until the clock strikes Cinderella time!   LOL

Life isn't always a shoe full of cherries! (For you, it's a bowl, for me, it's shoes)!

"People love others not for who they are but for how they make them feel" 
                                               ~ Irwin Federman~


  1. I loved your entry. It really made me think. You are so very right. people are really obsessed with the dating thing etc. I am not excluded from that. I have alwasy felt that my life wasnt worth living without having a man in it. After my sister passed away in October, I realized that I needed more than just that. I really miss her friendship. She was always there for me even when a man has not been. She was my only constant in my life. I really woudl love to have a friendship like that again. If not, I am happy that I had it in the first place. I could not imagine my life without her touching it. ....love, Christine

  2. Very good entry. I enjoyed reading it. Helen

  3. great entry  rose.  works  with us  prince charmings  too  ya know  lol  take  care   mort  xx


  4. Wonderful thoughts
    LOL, my wedding scrapebook has that very picture.
    Many years ago, I decided to pray and trust -d to bring me my husband. This stopped me from "looking to see if he's the one" or "kissing a lot of frogs." During this time I grew as a person, both emotional and spiritual, devople good friendships and truly enjoyed my life,
    So when "Prince Charming" came along, he too had been praying for a wife and not looking. We trusted G-d for our mates, knowing He gives wonderful gifts. We will celebrate three wonderful years next week.
    As Jews, we do believe in soul mates; I'd married to my. But marriage is made up of two mature, happy people. If you are an unhappy person, you will bring that into your relationship and frankly ruin it.
    Marriage is lke a lovely rose garden. It takes work: watering, weeding and manure to have a beautiful garden.

  5. Wonderful sentiments hon. I have been single quite a few times in life by choice. I have also been married and divorced twice, each time they expected me to change to fit their ideas. Then I was single again for about a year. Now I'm with Doc and as of the 27th of this month it will be 5 years. No marriage this time around you don't mess with perfection. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. Excellent essay, Rose.  It's the fantasies and illusions that get us into the mud puddles.  I stopped looking for my "Cinderella" over a decade ago and I'm a much happier man.                         DB  (The Vagabond)

  7. Nicely written.