June 26, 2008

The Briefcase People!


Walk along any beach during the summer vacation season and you’ll see them - the Briefcase People! They are all huddled in the dunes at the beach or under umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun; they sit with a Blackberry in one hand, cell phone in the other and a computer on their lap. They think they are on vacation, but actually.......they’ve simply moved their office outside with a better view. They are everywhere!

Stop for lunch anywhere...Panera Bread for example..........and there they are......the Briefcase People.....all confined in a special location of the restaurant retrieving the free WIFI. These people need a REAL vacation.

If you are part of this growing group of working vacationers, beware. Combining beach sand and local restaurants with your Blackberry can be hazardous to your health. Instead of using your vacation to release tension and reduce stress, you’re heading for burnout trying to combine both.

Working while on vacation doesn't go unnoticed at leisurely locales like the Boca Raton Beach and Resort Club. I laugh when I see makeshift desks made out of towels by the pool, day planners opened while munching on a sandwich and cell phones ringing every five minutes. Oh those damn cell phones! I admit, I love mine and appreciate that I have it with me at all times in case of an emergency but these people have them glued to their ear and so annoying to hear everyone's ringtones going off constantly when you are trying to relax and enjoy your quiet time or a nice dinner at a restaurant. Why can't people give it a rest and become unglued from that cell phone? We lived so many years without one!

Day at the beachTake that very much needed vacation. It is also very important to have the perfect travel bag along on the perfect vacation, whether those travel bags be luggage, briefcases, handbags, or backpacks. And, if you really can't take time off of work for a real vacation......then this custom designed briefcase is perfect for you.....

With the help of my membership to a special graphic site with so many talented ladies, this masterpiece was created? I'm retired now.........so everyday is a vacation day for me. I wish I owned one of these during the days I carried a briefcase to work everyday for many, many years and especially during the cold winter months in New England during a Nor’easter! LOL



  1. brilliant!  :)

  2. My husband is one of those briefcase people!  If it's not his phone, it's his laptop.  All week, and weekend too.  When he dies, I'm putting his briefcase in the casket with him! LOL

  3. Those "tie guys" always make me laugh. I've been in the real estate business since 1973 and I rarely wore ties. Proper attire for the right times and the right agenda. Ties are made to be worn at a closing or in front of a judge.


  4. Very well done Rose.

    I was one of those briefcase people but in my day I didn't have all
    the other trinkets but unlike the people you wrote about I always knew
    how to take a vacation.  LOL


  5. BRAVO ROSE!!! Great entry, I love it! I never had to carry a briefcase, but my husband does, even while on vacation. Unfortunately, the kind of job he has does not allow him to be free of his briefcase, PDA, or cellphones.

    I'm so glad we were finally able to get the briefcase tag for you!

    Mandy ~ MTC  

  6. Very interesting entry. I have seen the brief case type. They are such workaholics. Trying to get ahead is ok but we also need rest. I know what you mean about the cell phone. I think my oldest daughter would have a panic attack if she couldnt use hers at all times. lol....hugs, Christine

  7. Great entry. I am lucky I guess to not be a briefcase person. I think it's sad for those who don't realize that they need to leave that stuff every once and awhile and take care of important things like their family.
    Take care, Chrissie - MTC

  8. Yikes, I wonder if I lived along the beach if I would be one of your "briefcase people", LOL!  Anyway, Rose, are you going to put your briefcase in your sidebar?  That would look really cool!  Of course you are!  

    Krissy :)

  9. Glad you left the link to your journal.  Maybe all those people are writing in their journals !!!!!!!


  10. Great entry Rose.  Those people remind me of the guy near me who spent every spare moment he had fixing up his property so that his family could enjoy it.  But they never did because he never stopped fixing it.  Every beautiful day his family was either inside ao somewhere else because of the hammering, drilling, sawing and other noises he made.  Living near him was like living next to a construction site.  He never took a break.

  11. Multitasking has never been a reprieve from work. Great message hon. I wish more people would learn to relax and shut off the computer, cell phones and just enjoy life. (Hugs)Indigo