June 3, 2008


Lottery WinnerAre you still hoping for that winning Lottery ticket?
I couldn't help but notice how some people are so jealous and envious of others that maybe richer than they are.  Friends, one rich, one not.  One dines on caviar, the other cereal.  For years, everyone experiences similar things such as:  housing, meals, classes, hangovers....you even shared the same tax bracket. 
Ever think that maybe the result of the professions you chose, the families you came from, the people you married, dumb luck, bad luck or all the above.....all relates to whether you are eating caviar or cereal.
I have a friend that obsesses over another friend's net worth...what envy!  But one things seems pretty clear to me is that whether you're feeling envious or envied, you either have to make your peace with the divide or risk drifting apart from each other.
I think more often, though, it's about a sense of loss or remorse about choices you didn't make or potential you didn't realize.  Maybe, the person you envy represents the kind of ideal you haven't lived up to.  Money definitely changes your choices about how you live, the company you keep and the work you seek.  It also changes people's expectations of you and may change the way they behave towards you. 
See, the knowledge you gain when you get older!  So, while you're busy wondering how great it must be to make an outsized salary, own a beach house or jet off to Italy at the last minute, your friend may be envying you for having a balanced life, complete with a job, time to spend with friends, a great partner and kids.  Yes, you are lucky!  I feel lucky!
Okay, you are right, it is great to have a ton of money, cool down at the beach house and take last-minute jaunts to Europe.  But, envy is the ultimate wet blanket.  I always appreciate what I do have and made peace with the fact that someone else will always have more....so what....
I guess I got on a roll of "envy" from a comment a friend recently made to me......she is constantly wishing she would meet a rich, famous, wonderful man to change her life so she can eat caviar!  Good luck waiting for that dream to come true........sometimes people don't realize how lucky they are.  So take a broom to your envy and sweep it away!  Such a waste of energy......
Wow, sometimes things that people say to me.....rent space in my head....I guess that's what gives me things to write about.

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  1. I wouldn't even know how to act around the rich and famous LOL. I am always glad for people who have a lot. I have been richly blessed in my life, not material things mind you but the love of my family. I envy those with good health and realize that I could be much worse off. It makes me feel good to see and hear people in good health. It wouldn't hurt a bit if I were financially better off though LOL. Helen

  2. I really, really loved your entry. I have to admit that in hard times (such as now) I envy others who have it better financially than me. I live in a trailor that is falling apart but it is a roof over my head. I really hate that part of me when I envy what others have. I guess it is human nature. I don't know. I do know that I am lucky to have my children and my pets and my online friends. ...love, Christine

  3. Doc is constantly telling me too many people rent space in my head...Honestly I've been on both sides of the fence. Living with my daughter's father, we had an upper middle class existance (part of that was because I was also working 60-70 hour weeks for his parents). Before that I always had minimum wage jobs and little money to go around, barely surviving....Today I think the wealth of the heart and spirit enrich us more than money ever could. If I had the money I would probably donate most of it to animal and domestic abuse shelters...I've found living simple is so much more than I ever had before...(Hugs) Indigo

  4. we all wish sometimes for an easier  life.   but money cant  buy happiness         or even  health.   your entry on depression  was  spot  on.  been there          not nice  take care  mort x

  5. Rose,
    They didn't give me enough space to post a reply here.  So, click on link below to read my response:


    Uncle Bill

  6. What a nice journal you have!  I'll be back...