February 17, 2008

Online Dating

Cyberspace is the hot and happening place to meet.  However, online dating can be equally frustrating when you realize you have wasted precious hours clicking on all the wrong profiles!  Learning the art of online dating to make the most of it is time consuming!  I considered myself  "search" savvy!  I certainly thought I was playing my cards right and accepting a date from a guy who is formerly from a city and state I grew up in!............From all our emails, we had a lot in common........so I thought.......Dah! 

You can become overwhelmed with the number of profiles popping up online. You can become plagued by all the wrong responses in your inbox? You need to devise improved search strategies! To begin with, "define" your date. What do you fantasize about your dream date?  I always go after my instincts.   He may not be my perfect dream date but my sixth sense was saying "he is the one!"  There is no universal formula to select an ideal mate. I did a certain amount of investigating before accepting this dinner date.  I later realized that my instincts were not in my favor this time.

He insisted that I select the date, time and restaurant.  I thought that was cool.  Being cautious, I suggested that I would meet him there.  All arrangements were made and the day and time finally arrived....he turned out to be a good looking gentleman, dressed impeccably wearing Armani but he did lie about his age by 15 years!  Then during conversation he proceeded to tell me that he is into nude beaches and that he is a Swinger!  Oh dear Lord!  He said that when he tells women this, he enjoys the expression on their faces and then they become curious and are willing to go to these places with him.  I just looked at this man and said "and what is my expression on my face telling you"?  What a #$%^& jerk!  And, I'm being polite with my words here!  LOL

When I arrived home after leaving rubber in the parking lot of the restaurant....I signed online and removed my profile from the online dating site.  I still believe in the old fashioned way of meeting people.  Yes, I love my computer but with the online dating site, it is merely just a bunch of lofty words...........and why do people lie about their age?  I'm not ready to be with a 75 year old man!  What is a man that age doing being a member of a Swinger's Club?  I know to each it's own but I'm an old fashioned lady and this threw me for a loop.  He could have saved himself a dinner tab and revealed this to me in an email well in advance of the dinner date.

Oh, I did receive an email from him when I got home and he said he was sorry if he offended me.  He knew I was straight as an arrow (his words). 

Well, my girlfriends enjoyed the story and we all had a good laugh but it was a waste of my time preparing for this date with the hair, nails, makeup....fussing about what to wear.......Oh my!


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  1. I've heard horror stories about this. Men and woman putting up someone else's photo and showing up as themselves, claiming the other person couldn't make it. I never understood how they expected to pull it off when it actually came time to meet the person. Lying never did anyone any good online or off, sooner or later you get tripped up on your lies. Your in my thoughts! (Hugs) Indigo