February 3, 2008


For all you insomniacs out there like myself.....we turn on the TV with anticipation of watching perhaps a good movie and eventually fall asleep.....but no.....late night TV is just a mass of Informercials.  All you see is....... It cooks! It cleans! It zaps your flab! Do the latest TV gizmos really live up to their claims?  Doubt it.

Informercials sell a wide variety of products.  Paid Informercials can be used to sell everything from health and household products to "get rich quick" schemes and often feature endorsements by celebrities who were once popular.  The freaking sponsors want you to watch the show because you recognize the long-forgotten stars.  It's nothing more than an elaborately staged commercial.  The people that are looking to get out from under the harness of their day job and to get rich quick are usually sucked into these Informercials and pay through the nose to sign up.       What ever happened to good old TV shows that entertained you? 

I have tried eveything possible to fall asleep.....If anyone out there has some solutions...please let me know.  I've tried, herbs, prescriptions, warm milk, preparing the room for sleep, no TV, just everything!  I have read every medical article on this topic.  I'm going nuts!  I just don't know how to rest my mind and relax enough.

Today is Superbowl Sunday.........I'm not much into sports but I would place my bet on the Patriots because I'm a Bostonian!

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  1. I usually drink Hot tea with honey.....You can also try aromatherapy...certain scents help you relax and sleep....Before I went deaf I used to fall asleep to the sound of rainstorms and thunder from a meditation Cd....Last but not least perhaps a relazing bath to destress.....Hope something here helps hon! (Hugs) Indigo