February 23, 2008


My family and friends are aware that I suffer with insomnia and now to add to my already serious problem; I hear these freaking birds chirping all night long starting around midnight.  And it sounds like there are at least several distinct types of chirping.

These annoying birds are obviously perched outside my window at night comfy on one of the many trees out there.  I thought birds only chirped in the early morning hours and throughout the day!  Where did these birds come from that chirp all night long to annoy sleep deprived people like myself?  I wasted one good sleeping pill on these creatures that tortured me.  I tried to drown out the chirping noise by turning my TV on loud..........then the loud TV was keeping me awake..............Ugh!

Keep in mind, that all my windows are closed, the a/c is on 24/7 because I live in a warm climate and the chirping birds sound like they are in my house.  That is how loud they are.  I don't know how else to describe how noisy they actually are.

Last night might have been my worst attempt to sleep.  My sleep deprivation is due to a combination of so many factors I guess but now to add "Chirping Birds" to my problem is ridiculous!  I never heard birds chirping all night long before!  What is this? And, they chirp loudly and the sounds are from various type birds as all the loud chirps sound different.  I even walked out into my patio and I heard the chirps from all different directions.  Yikes!  Being invaded by these unwanted creatures at night.  I just want to sleep!  I was hoping that this was just a bad dream or something!  I finally fell asleep around 7:30 AM. then the phone woke me up at 10:00 AM.

Moreover, how has the chirping escaped my attention for all these years?  I certainly know that I would have heard this before because of my insomnia.  Do people know that there are birds out there that are chirping at all hours of the night?  I spoke with my girlfriend this morning and told her about it and she laughed hysterically thinking I must have had a bad dream or something!

So, I decided to do some research on this topic.  How??? By Google search of course!  I was so shocked to read that other people out there are complaining of the same issue...some from CA, CT, FL.   So, I'm not losing my marbles after all!!!!!!!

I will go insane if this chirping continues again tonight!  What is happening out there during the night????????

I need some sleep.


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  1. LOL . . Alfred Hitchock would enjoy this post.