April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner has revealed his struggle with gender dysphoria!

Bruce Jenner has revealed his struggle with gender dysphoria last night with a scheduled interview with Diane Sawyer.  Yes, we all remember him as the  "decathlon gold medalist," "world's greatest athlete, super handsome man.  At least, I remember him that way years ago. 

His second wife, (Linda Thompson) also known as one of Elvis’ girlfriends……just one day after Bruce's interview posted her story..........gosh, seemed like it waiting to go hot off the press.  It was written so eloquently and almost a perfect story for a movie deal.  It seemed like the story was already written and only need to click on the "send" button.

She praises her ex-husband and vowed to keep his secret.  She said the Bruce she knew back then was an easygoing, down-to-earth, casual, romantic, good and loving man.  She was extremely happy to have found such a remarkable partner with whom to share her life. She found him to be honorable and, well, just too good to be true. Just too good to be true indeed.

The 2nd wife does add:  She wouldn't be completely forthcoming if I didn't disclose in her writings that after Bruce and Kris married, there were periods of several years going by without Bruce attempting to contact or visit his sons. No birthday cards or phone calls, no "Merry Christmas," no "Everything OK?" after the big Northridge earthquake.

Brandon and Brody will never have those "Hallmark memories" of father-and-son moments. They were saddened by his lack of participation in their lives, and her heart ached for them. When Brandon asked her, "Mom, what kind of a father doesn't come to his son's graduation?" she meekly replied, "Honey, your dad may have been the world's greatest athlete physically, but emotionally, you have to view him in a wheelchair".

As I watched TV last night during Diane Sawyer's interview, she blatantly asked Bruce if this was all a ploy for publicity for his reality show with the Kardashians?  I have to admit, it crossed my mind immediately and his facial expression and response made me think about it again.  I’m still wondering!    I knew Diane Sawyer was going to ask this question.  Just knew it………..I would have asked it too!  Anyone remotely that close to the Kardashians has to be questioned.
Why was Bruce married so many times to women when he clearly felt he was a woman?  And clearly stated that he is not a lesbian.  Has never been with another man.  I don't understand the part of him not being in touch with two of his other sons after he married Mrs. K.

I'm sure many watched the Interview last night.

Bruce has his own life to live how he chooses.  I don't think he should have dragged so many other women into it.  He should have told them all before he married them.  That is my opinion.

There is always trouble brewing when you mention the name Kardashian or Kanya!  I’m sure there is more to reveal.  Smells like more money needs to be made by this clan!  I was not aware that the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians was Bruce's original idea and that he put it all together!

Bruce said it himself last night, that the real story in the Kardashian’s show was HIM!  His eyes twinkled when he said it.

I remember him as the handsome athlete.  And when Bruce gave Kanya a compliment last night explaining that he was the man who explained it all to Kim.  And he seemed to have loved that coming out of Kanya's mouth.  Barf!!

Oh my………anyone that can put Kanya into their story is Uh..off the charts with me.  

Shall we place out bets now?  Think there is a movie forthcoming?  Wow.

I do however, feel extremely bad if Bruce has struggled all these years with gender dysphoria or is just running out of money.  Hey, the Kardashians don't come cheap!  The also lack any form of talent to have a TV show!  duh.

Celebrities surely mess up their lives because they have too much damn money!

I'm sure he has a couple of other wives that may want to cash in on this.

If Bruce's story is true then I apologize for thinking badly about him and he needs the support from everyone but on the other hand.........I don't trust The Kardashians and I really don't trust Kayna!

I, normally don't like writing about celebs.  I see enough of their untruths in the junk papers while checking out my groceries and just viewing the front covers of the papers only because I'm standing in line waiting...........Junk papers like stretching their stories and that is not fair to the celebs.  But, when the celeb themselves start talking, it better be the truth or shame on them.

Keep in mind, it is the fans that keep them rich!


  1. I did see that on the news and dismissed it as something I really didn't want or care to know about. It's such a crazy world.

  2. Probably I would have watched if I could hear, but maybe not. I do not follow celebrities, not my cup of tea. The strangeness of the world today amazes me. You say a lot to things that hit a nerve with me also. I guess the thing with the man and his children is the most out of character of a sports hero. Most want their kids to share the pride of accomplishment. I will await more News, his associations do amaze me.
    Good, deep thoughts you have here..

  3. Live and let live, that is my motto.

  4. i don't understand most of this but it was a great interview to watch to educate myself. bruce seems like a really sincere guy, it was so sad to hear about his struggles. i wish him all the best, peace and happiness!!!