April 23, 2015

I'm begging all of you to see your Dermatologist!

I’m begging all of you to make an appointment with a Board Certified Dermatologist right now.  Do not procrastinate.  You will want someone skilled in this field to examine your entire body for any disease, infection, skin abnormalities and the harsh effects of aging and sun damage.

If you are married or living with someone, please examine each other’s body looking for some warning signs that may indicate basal cell carcinoma, an open sore, a reddish patch, a growth with an elevated border, a bump or a nodule and a scar like area.

I, faithfully have an annual appointment with my Dermatologist.  And in March, 2015, I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma and four weeks later had surgery to remove the cancer and burn the area.

My doctor had a patient that ignored for years a spot on her arm.  She lost an eyeball because of not seeking medical help!  This is very serious.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer.  It occurs most frequently on sun exposed regions of the body.  Yet, mine is located in an area that I would have to have gone sun bathing topless!  I'm not a sun bather because I hate to sweat.  I live in Florida and can’t avoid the sun while walking to my car or doing errands.  I used to use my pool but only after 4:00 PM when the sun was coming down.

I now have a hole on my right side right under wear the elastic of my bra would hit and it digs in.  Ouch!

I went back to my doctor’s office the other day, as I was concerned about the red ring around the wound and just not looking like it was healing properly to me.  Well, my doctor was super busy and I walked in unannounced with no appointment which I have never done before but I was only a block away from his office when I decided to make an appearance out of concern for my health.

The nurse was not as gentle as my doctor.  My doctor never hurts me and this nurse with ruthless!  She dug in deeper and deeper and called me a wuss!  She later put something on my wound and warned me it would burn real bad.  I dug my nails in her arm!  The burning lasted throughout my 20 minute drive home.  Ugh.  My doctor will hear about this experience during my next appointment for sure!

When I arrived home, all I wanted was to do was yank the bra off and get into my bed!  Well, the gal in the next door condo just had her third child and the infant was crying and crying…. Give me a break!  


  1. Shucks, one of the times life ain't fun. Suffering and an irritating noise, one of the 'drives me crazy feelings.' HOWEVER....

    GOOD ADVICE, This lesson of checking the body, I learned from my brother who worked in the sun and learned the hard way. He insisted once and I went, mine was quick and painless. the Dr used 'oxygen?' to kill the cells.
    As always, you give good advice, for sure.
    Love from North CArolina

  2. The advice you give is excellent. My dad has had numerous rounds with basal cell carcinoma. Sorry to hear about your experience. Take care.

  3. I have lots of moles and did get checked out a few years ago because my doctor at the time recommend seeing a dermatologist. Thankfully all was ok and nothing had to be removed. Hope you heal quickly.