April 20, 2015

We all take so much for granted!

We all take so much for granted including myself of course.

I get so involved with the everyday tasks and chores that must be done ASAP that most times, I miss the beauty of today.

I try to do what my daughter does, she carries her camera with her at all times and of course she has her smartphone to capture a picture right then and there.

I stopped by my lovely new Library last week because I was getting impatient trying to download a book from my Library to my Kindle to read.  Every book I selected popped up that I had to “Put on Hold”.  I had an upcoming surgery and needed a book to read while mending.

While sitting out at my Library’s patio enjoying a cup of coffee from their Cafe, I forgot how lovely the atmosphere is there.  I used to frequent my library constantly in the past.  I just love my Kindle for the convenience and also that I’m able to set the font to my liking and that background light is also easy on my eyes while reading.  But sometimes, there is a waiting game for that book and it maybe on "hold" for quite some time before being able to download it.

I did a dumb thing the other day with my Kindle and getting impatient waiting for a book I wanted to read and download from the library; so I decided to buy the book from my Kindle.  After reading a couple of chapters, I realized that I have read this book before!  LOL  Thank goodness purchasing books to download to your Kindle is so much cheaper than buying a book.  $6.99.  I keep a log of all the books I have read on Shelfari so I'm surprised this one slipped by me!

I enjoyed the couple of hours I spent at the Library.  I was mesmerized by the loveliness all around me.  I seldom look up from my daily routine of things to notice some spectacular surroundings.  My library is fairly new and very unusual compared to most old, stuffy libraries.

The sky was so blue and the grass was so green.  The palm trees were swaying with the slight breeze.  What's not to love!

I need to pay more attention and appreciate the treasures of my immediate surroundings more often. 

It’s a nice peaceful feeling.


  1. As usual you do not disappoint. This is a good read and a great reminder. We do get 'lost' and move without seeing. Funny there was a little relaxation just readingof the trip to the library. I have a bookof poems from a friend. I am just waiting for this rain to stop and the sun to come out. I love reading poetry in an out door enviornment, I have never been able to understand why it just seems better.
    Love from Rainy North CArolina...

  2. I do miss going to the library. Ours isn't anything like your new one but still I always get a peaceful feeling going there. I used to carry a book bag filled with books in and out. Now I'm like you and use my kindle a lot.
    Sorry to hear you have surgery coming your way. Prayers for successful surgery and a speedy recovery !

  3. It really looks like a beautiful spot and so peaceful!! We are missing out on so many wonderful things because of technology....but it has also brought us so many amazing opportunities!!

    I am not a reader, but I so admire those who love books!! The hubs and I have rented movies from redbox, that we have already seen. One a buck fifty, so we just laugh. Then we get out of the house and do something really fun. It ends up being a lose, win!!

    Enjoy your week, we are having beautiful weather!!

  4. Your library looks spectacular. Serene and scenic. Glad you were able to get a book. Hope your surgery goes well. Have a speedy recovery. Take care.