August 3, 2014

Do you use your turn signal religiously?

Do you use your turn signal religiously? Does it annoy you when others don't?  Are there times when it's okay to ditch using a turn signal? 

Well, it is never okay to ditch using a turn signal.  Just like it is never okay to drive without a seatbelt on.

It’s simply amazing how many drivers change lanes, merge or turn without using their turn signals. And it’s not just limited to the public; I’ve even seen police officers fail to signal.

I got so flipping mad the other day trying to drive out of a shopping center and not one but five cars not using their directional signals to let me know they were entering where I was trying to get out????  Yikes, so much disrespect on the road.

Bad enough we have to worry about others texting while driving and using their cell phones to their ear and driving with one hand.  While doing all this, they have babies in a car seat. That is when I go totally insane!  And, gals...put your makeup on at home and stop using the rear view mirror to re-apply your lipstick!

The turn signal is a vital safety feature that is not only required to be built in as a standard equipment on all vehicles, but their use by the driver in everyday driving is required by law!  Listen up folks!

Pleeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzze be responsible?


  1. When I learned to drive I was taught to always use the turn signal. Its automatic now as I've done so for many years. Makes me wonder if they still teach that as I see lots not using theirs either. Curtesy on the road is definitely not what it used to be. Take care out there !

  2. i don't drive anymore but when i did, i always used my turn signal!!

    it is so irritating when people don't....and a tad dangerous as well!!

    have a fun sunday!!!

  3. I agree. Always signal when turning. If you don't nobody knows what you're doing and that could cause an accident.