July 26, 2014

How do you stop the Telemarketer calls?

When the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act of 2003 was passed, it was supposed to start a new era of silence -- as in, no more annoying dinner-time telemarketing calls.

The volume of calls did drop significantly after I registered my home and cell phone number with the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry.  But because so many types of organizations are exempt from the legislation and so many shady companies ignore the rules, everyone I know still gets pestered relentlessly.

I have Caller ID, and use it to screen incoming calls but that does not stop the calls that wake me up early in the morning!  And the new callers that pop up saying:  “Out of Area” with no telephone number or another that says “unknown caller”.  And, a new Smart Ass that uses the number 1-000-000-0000!  The telephone company should not allow this.  I once had a service that a recorder would go on if the caller did not identify themselves.  That service from the telephone company no longer exists.

If I don't recognize the name or number, I let it go to voicemail. If the line goes dead, that usually means it was a robo-call and there was no live operator available. Either way, you'll likely continue to receive calls from the same number unless you take action.  Again, I continue to report these calls.

The Telephone company is useless in helping with this matter.  So, I’m paying my telephone company to allow these calls to annoy me!  And, the Telemarketers are getting a free ride from the Telephone Company.  I once paid to Block calls and that didn’t work either.

If a message is left by a Telemarketer and you think the organization is legitimate, call them back to request being put on their own internal Do Not Call list, which they're required to maintain by law or face steep fines. Log the date you make this request so if there are future violations, you'll be able to file an FTC complaint or, if the problem escalates, take the company to court.

I religiously report all these relentless calls to the FTC.  I have no idea if they ever did anything about my complaints.  These annoying calls continue as early as this morning at 7:45 AM and woke me up.  It really stinks when you are not feeling well and finally got to sleep to welcome the very much rest needed and the damn phone wakes you up and it is a Telemarketer AGAIN!

Does anyone have a solution to this?


  1. No help, no ideas.....I don't know how you stop it!! I just say "no thanks, have a nice day", and try not to get aggravated!!

  2. When we had a land line it was terrible. since being on the road I think we have received about 10-15 all totaled. Sherry hesitates when the caller ID is 'private' or USA, or some state that we normally do not get calls from.
    I certainly can sympathize. all the whistles,horns, and phone slams do not solve the problem of the interruption in the first place.

    I met a guy that run a telemarketing phone bank once. I was amazed at some of the tricks, dodges and ways they get phone numbers to start with. This is old and back before caller ID etc. But what amazed me was the companies who sold 'SUCKER LISTS' that is exactly what he called it and said in the industry that is what it was referred to as. it was a list of folks who 'cannot be 'rude' and hang up; or the ones who have Bought or given to any cause.

    So now only when forced to, does our phone # go our when I purchase something.

    But it made me sorta sick for companies AND CHARITIES, who listed you as a SUCKER.

    Anyway this is another timely post. Thanks. Love from Maine.

  3. We get them on our cellphones too. It is annoying for sure. I no longer have a landline. But when we did we would unplug the phone or turn the ringer down as low as possible. It is harassment, pure and simple.

  4. Take the Phone Call, let them go thru the whole process, then ask them for their phone number and tell them you will give it to your Dad when he gets home and he will call them !!!!

  5. Thankfully I've not been bothered by many calls here, but when I was working it was terrible. I did have to report some callers too. They wouldn't stop calling. I don't answer any calls that I don't recognize the number at home but at work I had to do so. Now I'm retired and don't miss the aggravation.

  6. I'm with you Rose, except I don't answer ANY calls. Most of my friends know I screen and they patiently wait for me to get back to them.

    I do like Woody's idea, though!


  7. i just got 2, in the last hour and thought of you!!!!