August 18, 2014

“Energy Efficient”

You like me, might be diligent about clipping coupons, hunting for bargains, and comparing prices while shopping, but I was recently reminded that if you're not paying more attention to your home, you could be losing money by holding onto old appliances like refrigerators which eats up your electric bill like crazy along with your air conditioner, etc.

My last appliance purchases were about 12-13 years ago and I did make sure they were all “Energy Efficient” with that yellow sticker on them.

I have my computer to remind me to change my a/c filter monthly even though there are filters out there that claim they will last for three months.  My a/c guy said, it is best to change it every month and don’t buy the cheap ones.  They also help with allergies and dust mites.

I’m guilty of having my TV on almost 24/7 for company.  I need to hear the noise and voices in the background even if I maybe reading a book or on the computer! 

Energy efficient appliances are in the spotlight these days.  But, sometimes I wonder if they really make sense at all.  I know that the rebates are designed to help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases by replacing energy-guzzling home appliances with newer, more efficient models.  I always looked for the Energy Star large kitchen appliances.

I had a repairman tell me that consumers should weigh the cost and benefits of new appliances carefully before making a purchase. You may save some money by replacing your 22-year-old refrigerator, but junking a 7-year-old working dishwasher may not save you enough to make the purchase worthwhile.  Some repairs make sense and most means to replace.

The average household energy spends nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling, according to Energy Star. Of the rest, about 14 percent goes to heating water, 12 percent to lighting and only 13 percent for appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.

I’m sure today's refrigerators are at are more efficient than those made 20 years ago. And although a refrigerator usually accounts for only 5 percent of a home's energy consumption, some homeowners could be spending twice as much as they should be by using an older model.

Even Energy Star says homeowners shouldn't be so quick to replace just any appliance. The rating system is designed to help consumers make more educated purchasing decisions, but they should still put more focus on the heating and cooling of their home.

I had Florida Power and Light come to my home and they do a checkup for free to try and save you money on your electric bill.  He provided a lot of good information.  He also told me that I can turn off my water heater if I will not be home for a while.  It only takes about 15 minutes to heat up again.

After following all of the suggestions, my bill was lowered by just a few dollars!  I was hoping it would be a good savings of at least $20. or so.
I tried!


  1. I remember one summer years ago that I tried drying my clothes outside on a line to see if I could save some money on the electric, it didn't make a bit of difference. We are saving a bunch here this summer on A/C as we haven't had the hot summer we've had previously. Many days in July and so far in August were in the 70's. But they say the rest of the month is going to be hotter, so it will come back on. The weather seems to make more difference in my utilities than anything else.

  2. Dear Rose, I agree new appliances are more efficient.
    I would not have replaced my appliances were it not for Hurricane Sandy. I lost everything. I do love my new appliances and I do think they are much more efficient; though energy costs are just too high regardless of the efficiency of the item.
    I hope you are doing better and thank you always for visiting.

    blessings dear. Catherine xo

  3. You know Rose - I too clip coupons and watch every penny - and try to save when I can - but I don't think I do all that much saving myself.

  4. The right idea is 'paying attention', many folk do not. The A/C man is right on about the filter, great idea the reminder from the computer. I use ti to remind me to defrost and take my pill. haha. Also to exercise.

    Watching one's appliances and doing the math of when to repair and replace is very smart...
    Love from the Poconos....
    Sherry & Jack...

  5. Good information. My appliances probably need an upgrade.

  6. all good suggestions....we often become complacent and forget about the smaller things!!!

  7. Many thanks for all your visits. And for leaving such kind, genuine comments!