August 9, 2014

A place where stress is left at the door!

Your home - whether big, small should be your sanctuary, a place where stress is left at the door.

The color you choose for your walls suggest a mood.  My daughter’s beautiful photographic artwork on my walls provide a cozy environment and definitely bring calmness into my life.

Your home should provide shelter from noise and distraction.  Also, clean out the clutter.  A Low maintenance home is refreshing after a day of hectic meetings, errands and chores. 

Fewer items can mean less frustration.  But we all love our collectibles and display of meaningful gifts from loved ones and photos of family and friends.  I’m still trying to de-clutter!  I just have a hard time parting with certain lovely gifts that I treasure and the memories that go with them.  So, I think it is o.k. to hold on to some, as long as it is displayed neatly.

So, are we hoarders or just sentimental?

Surround yourself with wonderful memories and happiness!  Enjoy your home and the calmness it should bring to you.

Time to clean out another closet!


  1. Very good advice and a good description of what a home SHOULD be. Ah the collectibles. I think the only collectibles we have left is our coffee mugs. We had hundreds (that could be exaggerated(smile)) but we have narrowed it down to about 20. We never have that many visitors, but tow or three pulled out always brings questions and stories of places we have been.
    Of course Sherry has her collection of family pictures that come out and go on the dash while we are stopped. The refer has the latest coloring's by Stella. They will go in the Grand File later.
    Loved this entry.. Time to clean the basement.
    Love from the Poconos.

  2. Every picture on the walls, each little trinket on the table, holds a special memory in my heart!! My home is decorated with my tabletops are filled with scrapbooks, picture books and special mementos from our travels!! I love being home, if I never left this place again, I would remain as happy as I am at this very second!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend rose!!

  3. unfortunately my hubby is a hoarder and I've caught it. But you are right about home being a sanctuary.

  4. Forwarding for Linda Lattanzi

    rose, you are always in my prayers that God will see you through each day. hugsssssss linda

  5. My home is my sanctuary and it is filled with things I love. It may be cluttered but shows what a full life I've had and it may not be fancy but it is home where I feel at rest.

  6. Hi Rose...
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.

    Linda's blog (the lady who loves dolls) is Lady Linda at blogspot. Why don't you send her a quick note? She lives in Oregon, though, so that's a long way from where you live (I think.)

    I'd love to see a photo of all your doll babies before you dismantle your collection. Susan