August 7, 2013

You are your own best judge!

I used to judge myself by looking through the eyes of my parents, husband, friends, neighbors and my bosses in the legal field.  I then realized I was only running around doing more and more in an effort to gain their approval.  It surely does not take long before you end up feeling exhausted, resentful and ready to give up.

I learned that trying to live your life by the expectations of others disconnects you from your own desires. It leaves you feeling sort of empty. The gratification that comes from fulfilling the expectations of others is very little and short-lived most times.

It’s so easy to be resentful about your responsibilities and commitments, and to see them as burdens. Fighting against yourself, and your own obligations, is never in your best interest.

Don't get me wrong, you must do your absolute best in your job as that is rewarding in itself.  Be proud to put your name on everything you do.  I, do get annoyed when I come across incompetent people that just don't care about their jobs and provide poor service.

My recent experience at the dealership for an oil change took a toll on my nerves!  Wow, what a day...........too long of a story to go into but it surely was unpleasant.  A twenty minute procedure took over three hours due to people just not doing their job.  They were all busy playing with their Smart Phones! Poor Customer Service!  Arrrrrrrrrrrg!

I love to write Kudo letters but that day, I hated to write a letter of complaint but it was necessary.

I learned to reclaim the oomph and happiness that is rightfully mine!  You have to be your own judge and live by your own expectations. As you reclaim yourself, you will feel like a new person, because you are accomplishing things that are important to you.  Who is more important than you?

Get your Oomph back………………start today!


  1. I've had some trying times at the dealership service center too. I'm going to try another place and see what happens there. Just because I'm a gal and just because I have an older car, does't mean that they need to treat me differently. I agree that we each have to be our own person and that includes being the best we can be. Strange that so many are loosing that personal touch. Working with pride is something that used to be it's just get through the day it seems.

  2. It makes me feel good when I see a customer, IN THE RIGHT, stand up and express their side. And to be truthful, especially if it is a lady who refuses to be intimidated because they are female.
    More women should read the statistics that they are treated to longer waits and higher prices because it is assumed that 'the lady' will buy the BS. Good for you!!! (smile)

  3. Hi Rose....

    Enjoyed reading your post.

    Lots of wisdom in those thoughts and words!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. So nice to have you stop by. Susan

  4. Rose - I am very much like you - I spent far too many years trying to please others. You never can.

  5. Dear Rose, That is the best advice I have heard in a long while. I am doing my best with the help of the Lord to carve out my own path in this life and make it work.
    I am happy that you are reclaiming your oomph too. I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings Rose,Catherine xo