August 29, 2013

Dabbling with PSP!

I’ve been dabbling with creating animations since my husband passed away because I found it firstly, therapeutic and then it became fascinating and I was curious and inquisitive which allowed me to continue digging further to uncover most of the tutorials and I haven’t even touched the surface in the past 12 years in PSP!  So, that explains how intense and complicated the program is.  It surely is a work in progress all the time for me.

I’ve been blessed with having so many online graphic ladies helping me along the way.  They are a great group of ladies and part of my online family of friends!

Creating animations involves so much reading, so much practicing, and now attending online classes which makes things a little easier when an instructor is showing you the tools and the tips needed.  Cool, I like it a lot.  Did I mention the best part is that the online classes are free!

I have to continue searching for valuable possibilities to keep my mind occupied, as the best surely will not jump out and shout an announcement themselves.  Widowhood really sucks!  And, we all need an outlet.

Jewelry making is a lot of fun and I love creating great and unusual pieces but how much jewelry do I really need and I’m not interested in selling.

Three days a week of Silver Sneakers Classes are great to help stay healthy and also meet a new group of friends.

In life’s joys, in the problems, in the pleasures and in the disappointments, there are the seeds.  Seeds that we plant along the way of our life’s journey provide innovation and progress. Creating animations was the outlet I needed to fill the void of my lonely evenings.  It gave me the time to look and to wonder, and see value that’s waiting to be created. I search for things to create that my classmates of “62” may get a kick out of for the blog and that I created just for them and also my very first blog, Roses Are Read that encouraged me the most.

It makes me feel good that my friends that I have known all of my life are enjoying that I keep our classmates together after all these years.  We are a special bunch since grade school and all through high school and now we are all approaching near 69-70, we still have each other.  We are all scattered about throughout the United States but close because of the blog because they tell me so.

For me, it is great gratification that a classmate will email me or leave a comment that the blog makes them so happy that we are all still connected!  I'm not sure they are all aware of all the hours I spend doing this for them but I do know they love it and that is enough for me.
Both of my Blogs keep me busy, as I also love to read the blogs of my blogger friends!  Great people out there like my favorite couple, Sherry and Jack and so many more to name but the list would get very long.  Yes, Jimmy from Miami, thanks for the weekly chuckles!

Now, I know where I am but I really need to find an effective pathway to where I really want to go and that is home.  Things are not as easy as it seems.  I’m working on it.  The pathway may look different now, yet it is indeed still there.


  1. I've never tried PSP, but yes you are right, we do need to keep ourselves active and learning new things. I have so much I do already that It seems all I can do to get out a blog post daily. I love blogging and taking pictures so I usually have plenty to share. Glad you found something that you really like to do. It does make a difference.

  2. I have never tried to do animations. More power to you. Sounds too complicated to me. It's nice to find something that you love to do that helps fill the hours.

  3. You are a closet philosopher exposed.
    Every entry has a lot of wisdom, and just enough of YOU to make it special. I always love to see the animations and realize that you made it happen in a lot of cases.

    And it is nice to keep in contact with friends you have known soooo long. sherry can relate, but moving all my life, not too much is related to 'people I have known', growing up.
    Love from North Carolina longing for Florida. (Yeah I know, thou art longing for the North East!! (smile) )

  4. Dear Rose, I give you much credit for your spirit. I know there really is not another choice. When we are faced with circumstances that are not of our choosing we must float to the top and make it work.
    It is very hard though, I know that.
    Your posts are helpful, more than you know. Especially, the one on laughter. Sometimes things get overwhelming and one can almost be afraid to laugh; since it doesn't seem like a part of life; but we must make it a part.
    You are wonderful and I am so glad that I found your blog. You truly are a blessing.
    Hugs, Catherine xo

  5. good for you!! follow your heart....always doing the things that you love and those that make you happiest!!

  6. I think you are right - we have to keep our minds active. I think you are doing great. I did not know your husband had died - I am so sorry. sandie

  7. Hi Rose....Your graphics are darling, just adorable. I don't know how to do them!

    Glad you enjoy blogging. It is truly a daily jolt of joy in my life!

    Thanks for your visit and comment, too. Susan

  8. Well, I am humbled to be included in the same paragraph as Jack and Sherry. Thank you Rose!

    As for hobbies, I think it's very important to do something that you like and entertains you, not just keeps you busy.

    My real estate business keeps me busy. My music and writing entertain me.


  9. Hi Rose,
    I am the new follower of your wonderful blog. Sandie, our common friend, sent me the Link to your pages. I truly enjoy reading what you have to say. It's encouraging to read good blogs, like the one you have created. Yes! It is worthwhile to keep our minds active. I am so sorry to hear that your dear husband passed away. I offer you my deep condolences. I hope you can take a look at some of my blogs, and even follow my pages, if you wish. I am a Christian mom, grandmother of my 3 grandchildren, freelance writer and poet. I try my very best to keep my mind active at my age. Wisdom comes in all forms, even in Literature, Art & Music, some of my favourites. God bless you, Rose, and those you love!
    I am glad to have found you in Blogland. Please, visit me.
    Greetings from Poet Starry Dawn.