August 24, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine!

Oh, it’s so true that laughter is the best medicine.  I was watching old reruns of the Golden Girls the other night and nearly fell of the couch laughing until my stomach hurt.  And, just last night, Joan Rivers had me in stitches laughing watching “Fashion Police”!

If laughter seems like a distant memory, then it’s time for the child inside to come out to play.  In reality, you have so much more to enjoy than the child you used to be – and so many more reasons to laugh. You have that library of memories to be brought out and explored – years of joy, happiness and smiles.

We all have mistakes filed away – all good reason for laughter. There’s the accumulation of friendship – full of hugs, love and good times. There’s that treasure chest of experience to be dipped into – and so much more meant to bring a chuckle!

Laughter is said to be the best medicine and there’s lots of evidence that laughter does lots of good things for us.  It reduces pain and allows us to tolerate discomfort.

The role laughter plays in intimate relationships is hugely underestimated and it really is the glue of good marriages and relationships. 

It also synchronizes the brains of speaker and listener so that they are emotionally attuned.

Never overlook the secret of excitement, wonder, enthusiasm in all the good times yet to come.

So keep on laughing everyone!


  1. I don't often laugh. But you're right it's good for the soul.

  2. Okay - I couldn't agree with you any more. Laughter is imperative. I like the Golden Girls too!

  3. I agree, that is for sure. I love to be around someone who keeps me in stitches.
    I need to do that, find some of the ones I loved, WAtching the 3-Stooges I have rolled on the floor.

    Yep, that is a plan.
    Thanks and this was a pleasant and informative entry. Love it.
    ((HUGS)) from North CArolina.

  4. Hi Rose...

    Enjoyed reading through some of your posts.

    You are right that laughter is very important.

    I am so sorry you lost your husband. That must be horribly difficult. I can imagine always having to hire a handyman is most expensive.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting today. The battle of the bulge is monumental for me. Susan

  5. More often than not I find myself laughing at my self these days.

  6. Fortunately, I am a cut-up, and that makes Beth smile and laugh all of the time. Agreed, it makes for a great marriage.

  7. Forwarding for Alli:

    Dear Rose,

    I love laughing! Sometimes reality sneaks back in, but a good belly laugh is the best!

    Love alli.

  8. dear Rose, Dear Rose, Thank you for this post. I love the Golden Girls too.
    Bless you Rose, Catherine xo

  9. i LOVE to belly laugh, the hubs gets me all the time. he's a funny guy and my best "medicine"!!

    many thanks for your kind comment at it's all about purple, i am feeling better and laughing more!!