June 30, 2013

The Signs of Aging!

I recall jumping for joy when I received my Medicare Card in the mail because for me, it meant I would have health insurance.  I was denied health insurance for the previous 8 years due to existing conditions which inferiorities me because illegal immigrants get health insurance and I paid my dues all my life and I was denied!  And I was born and raised in the USA!  This is my Country!

It seemed the minute that card arrived I started to decline in age.  I expected gradual changes but one thing after another blew me away.  I hated constantly living in a doctor’s office.

My doctor told me that your body ages depends in part on your family genetic patterns, but lifestyle choices have a more powerful impact on how well your body ages. 

Well, I knew I could control that so I signed up at the gym for Silver Sneakers classes three days a week.  I also became a Vegan but not for aging reasons at the time.  I had a fatty liver due to eating animal fat.  It was hard but I did feel better.

The following is what I have noticed since I have turned 65 and now 68 years old!  Oh, gosh where did all those years go?

Skin: With age, the skin becomes less elastic and more lined and wrinkled. Fingernail growth also slows. The oil glands gradually produce less oil, making the skin drier than before. I use moisturizer every day and night and protect my skin from the sun and I live in Florida!

Hair: It's normal for hair to gradually thin on the scalp, pubic area, and armpits. As hair pigment cells decline in number, gray hair growth increases.  Seems like I’m losing more hair now, as I see it on the bathroom floor daily…………….Ugh.

Height: I have lost as much as 2 in. (5 cm) in height. This is often related to normal changes in posture and compression of joints, spinal bones, and spinal discs.  I recently had an MRI for severe headaches and grateful it came out normal but the bottom part of the report indicated that my brain shrunk!  My doctor laughed and told me to not panic and that it is normal because I shrunk in height!  Damn!

I’m too old to be wearing Stilettos now.  Oh, how I loved my shoes!

Hearing: Over time, changes in the ear make high-frequency sounds harder to hear and changes in tone and speech less clear. These changes tend to accelerate after age 55.  Fortunately, my hearing is still good.

VisionIt started with reading glasses in my 40’s and just recently with my last appointment with the eye doctor, I am now wearing transitional glasses every day!  I should try contacts because I’m so vain.

Sleep: Changes in sleep occur as you age. You will probably sleep less at night, and you may not sleep as deeply as you did when you were younger. I’ve been dealing with severe insomnia for years now and I need a sleeping aid, as my doctor feels the quality of life is more important than going without sleep for 2-3 days at a time.

Bones: Throughout adulthood, men and women gradually lose some of the mineral content in their bones. The bones get less dense and strong. You can slow natural bone loss and reduce your risk of osteoporosis getting regular, weight-bearing exercise (such as walking), getting enough calcium and vitamin D, avoiding lifestyle choices that weaken bones (such as smoking). 

At my last bone density test, I now have Osteopenia which is the beginning stages of Osteoporosis!  I had a fall in the house two years ago and it is just now starting to heal.  Great, I just keep adding to my list of “Aging”.

Metabolism: Over time, the body typically needs less energy, and your metabolism slows. Hormone changes in the aging body result in a shift to more body fat and less muscle mass. The best approach to managing these changes is to take in fewer calories while keeping up or increasing your physical activity. 

Lonely:  I need to get out more.  I never go out at night anymore.  I think this causes more trips to the fridge!  I think Widowhood changes a woman.  I think being a couple keeps you young at heart.  Being away from my family doesn't help either.

Weight gain: The above topic explains this!

Dupuytren: I developed four nodules under the skin of the palm of my right hand.  It hurts.  The doctor told me that nothing can be done for it until my fingers start to curl.  Great, freaking great.  Daily warm soaks help and less time on the computer as well.

Foot pain: Does the bottom of your feet hurt when getting out of bed in the morning?  Another damn symptom!  What gives?

Yet, my body still feels like dancing!


  1. I understand completely. Similar problems here. Giving up my stilettos was the hardest thing I've ever done.

  2. Ahhhh, sweet lady, THEY tell me you are as old as you feel. THEY also tell me that age is just a number. THEY are usually a lot younger than I. HA!
    So much truth here Rose. A lot there hits us. WE NEVER had medications (before 70). Now she has done two periods of Boniva, and has blood pressure med. I have the Statin.

    YOu look so good, and you should dance. You definitely do not look your age that is for sure. You have a right to finish the entry with the:
    Yet, my body still feels like dancing!

    That is the spirit! ((HUGS)) to you sweet lady and may all your dreams of Boston come true!

  3. I'm like you and seeing lots of changes and feeling them too. I'm fortunate in that my health is good so far, but we never know when that can change. The thing that has really hit home is how much slower I do everything. Sometimes that is a good thing though as I see and appreciate more than I used to by living in the fast lane.

  4. Jack,

    Yes, I forgot to hadd the Cholesterol and Blood Pressure issues!

    Hugs, Rose

  5. Forwarding message from Barbara:

    Sounds like you can overcome some of the aging pitfalls!

    You can think and act young! Go dance with the Zumba crowd. They never care if you don't do it right..

    Barbara Maitland