June 17, 2013

You Don't Need A Fortune Teller!

I honestly believe that the only way to get to happiness is to be happy already. Many people live their life according to the formula:

Do + Have = Be.

You don't need a fortune teller to tell you that you need to detox!

Life's formula does not mean that the only way you can be happy because first you have to do x, y and z.  In other words, you have to have this and that, have to do more, then have to do even more, you have to have lots of money and lots of friends, etc. But why not just be happy?

Gandhi once said you have to be the change you want. Why?  Because the mirror cannot change without you.  And the world is only a mirror.

Remember, you see only your thoughts. When you shift, shift happens. If you don’t, you simply experience more of the same.

In order to be happy, you have to do a friendship detox first.  You all have come across this type of person before;  the drama queen, the attention addict, the relentless pessimist, the exploiter.

We all have difficulty getting rid of the friend that betrays you.  So, when poison pals infect your life, sometimes you just need to say goodbye and good riddance!

Some friends, are just not good for us no matter how hard we try to make things work.  No one needs a control freak, or a manipulating individual taking advantage of your good, kind, generous heart and your wallet!

It all starts with small infractions and then they add up and drag you down.  In the process of ridding yourself of everything that threatens your well being and causing stressful days belongs in the same category with the trans fats that are bad for your health.  You have to read your friends the same way you read food labels.

These type of friends don’t change, so stop giving them second chances month after month.  The truth never fails to show itself, so get rid of that liar of a friend.

You know in your heart when you have a good friend.  You also know in your heart when you have a bloodsucking friend that is using you. 

Keep the friends that love you, as you have many!

Life is beautiful, you just have to make some changes along the way.

I didn't say it would be easy, but it will be worth it for your well being.  

It’s called “Friendship Detox”.  Next, we will start on detoxing your closet!


  1. Ah Rose, how right you are. I am grateful to be rid of the deceivers and the controllers. Life is happier without pretense.
    (There's nothing wrong with my closet.)

  2. Our attitude towards life is everything. We get to choose just how we want our life to be and happiness is one choice I make daily. As far as the closet goes, I have a lot of friends there too...I love my comfy clothes. They may not be all that stylish, but I feel good in them and I think that is what counts.

  3. Am I the only one that needs to detox my closet and get rid of the clothes that no longer fit? LOL

  4. I have never heard of “Friendship Detox”. Good information to know. Yes I have the same trouble with my closet.

  5. When people ask me how I'm doing, I always respond, "I'm living a dream." And I am and it has nothing to do with what I own.

  6. Good stuff. And all good basic information for a 'good' life. You are so right: MOST seem to follow that formula, Do + Have = Be.

    I Love reading the positive helps that keep reminding us WHO WE ARE.
    Thanks from Alabama for the night.