June 12, 2013

Confidently Forward!

I’ve had a few difficult days lately and I allowed them to get me down.  My hairdresser really messed up on the color of my hair and a followup appointment for a correction color was even worse!  

I’m a redhead and I walked out of the beauty shop with black hair in the front and flame red in the back.  I expressed my displeasure just seeing the front.  I didn't realize that the back of my head was "screaming" red until I got home and looked in my mirror to view the back.  

Mr. Jerkoff refused to take my son's advice to correct the mess!  So, the correction color several days later, I walked out with "Screaming" flame red in the front and black hair in the back.  Futta, Futta!  

I realized I have other choices.  I can choose to focus on the good places I intend to go to, instead of on the painful places I’ve had to go through.  I choose not to go back to the painful places and endure bad hairdos and write out a check and tip to look bad!

I should jump on a plane and have my son do my hair!  I just can’t afford the plane fare on a monthly basis.

I’m very meticulous about my hair as all women should be.  Everyone should care about their appearance even men!

My son is a hairstylist and the best but he lives in Boston and I’m here in Florida.  I’ve gone thru 32 hairdressers since he moved back to Boston in 1995.  I find it very hard to believe that there is not another hairdresser here in Florida that can be put in the same bracket as my son?  I know he is my son, and people will think I’m just bragging but he truly has magic in his hands and so amazingly talented.

I didn’t accomplish anything to complain about, or to dwell on, but I was hoping that the hairdresser could fix it.  He also begged for my forgiveness and even admitted to “sloppy work”.  But his correction did not warrant giving him forgiveness.  I do believe everyone should have second chances but this has been a constant complaint with me for a long time now.  I came home and picked up the phone and told my hairdresser “I can’t go through this anymore”!

And, months ago, I even sent this Jerkoff new customers!  Well, I personally invited these friends of mine that I gave referrals to my house for lunch to view my hair for themselves.  Needless to say, I didn’t have to discourage them for making another appointment with Mr. Jerkoff.  They all pulled out their cell phones and cancelled their upcoming appointments!  

Mission Accomplished!  Don’t make a woman look bad because of sloppy work as he personally said so himself.  Duh!

Just picture Kelly Osborne years ago with the red bangs and black hair!  Yikes!

Two days later, the check I wrote out to Mr.Jerkoff was sent back to me via snail mail.  No note inside, just my check that fortunately, he did not cash or deposit yet.  I did not ask for my money back but I guess he new better to do so.

I did manage to find a “Colorist” that will go to next month. But I will also need a hairstylist to cut my hair.  I should be looking out of my zip code so the cost will be lower!

My son spoiled me doing my hair weekly for years and I didn’t realize how much money he was saving me as well.  Most importantly, I felt beautiful and even look younger when my son does my hair.

JIMMY, YOU ARE THE BEST!  You truly are!

Listen up all “Hairdressers”, you must go to continuing education to keep up with the new and improved coloring and haircutting techniques!  You just can’t get you license some 30 plus years ago and have no clue what has changed in your profession!

Continuing education applies to all forms of professions.


  1. I no longer color my hair but think a good hair cut is worth its weight in gold. I thought I'd found the perfect one and now for some reason the last two cuts have been terrible. I don't know if I should leave her of wait and see... Surely do hope your next experience is much better.

  2. Rose, and yet another good reason to get yourself back to Boston where you belong and where most people know what they are doing.

  3. Dana,

    I agree with you there about Boston!

    Hugs, Rose

  4. I hope you find someone to fix your hair. Your son sounds like just the guy for the job. But hopefully someone closer can help.

  5. Forwarding for Barbara:

    Yes Rose, Your son ROCKS!!

    Barbara Maitland

  6. Forwarding for Adele:

    Just read your blog and boy can I sympathize with you. I wish Jimmy would move to the Cape.

    I have the same problem. I want ash blonde highlights and I come out with red and yellow ones. The cut never comes out the way I want it.

    I want short in the back and long in the front……well they usually start out doing that but then get carried away cutting and I come out with a bob.

    Where’s my Maria when I need her. I need my shag back….lol

    Good luck with your new colorist.


  7. Ahhh, I happen to be married to a lady, so I do know the importance of the HIRDRESSER! That is probably Sherry's biggest disappointment on the road, she is away from her grand daughter who ALWAYS does her hair when we are in the area. She even tries to schedule an appointment the day before we leave.

    MEN? we are weird. Once My niece talked me into coloring my hair, it actually turned out sorta green and she was a nervous wreck.
    My attitude was, men's hair, bad or good only lasts a week or so. BUT we are not pretty anyway! hahahaha

    BUT from a husband's point of view, I can certainly understand the PROBLEM, and the SON CURE (If possible).


  8. Forwarding for Linda Lattanzi:

    hello, down cape, rain, rain go away. rose, so sorry to hear about your sister, tina. i feel the same way about losing a sibling, you do lose past, present and future. i have 4 sisters, one we call "tina".

    you are amazing with your "views of life". i also feel the same, but you put how you feel in such a positive way.

    love you, hugs linda

  9. It is a little bit funny - but I know you must feel horrible. That happened to me once and I was so mad. Now you really appreciate your son!
    It will get better soon.