May 23, 2013

Health or Disease?

Do you frequent fast food restaurants?  If so, please stop for your health's sake.  

We have too many fast food restaurants on virtually every corner. These unhealthy foods are inexpensive, and the drive-thru makes it easily accessible for people on the run. They are also loaded with calories, unhealthy fats, high sodium levels and are highly addictive. 

Taste is the number one factor influencing our food choices.  Food manufacturers market foods that taste good rather than foods that have nutritional value. 

I’m sharing with you what I was taught by my medical office:

An unhealthy diet is one of the simplest things to change in order to improve your overall health.  Start by skipping the interior aisles of the grocery store that are filled with convenience foods and snacks.  Instead, concentrate on the outer aisles of the store where the more nutritious fresh food is located. 

To make smart food choices quickly and easily, compare nutrition facts on food labels and be aware of portion sizes on packages.  Stay within your daily caloric needs and get the most nutrients out of the calories you do consume by choosing nutritionally rich foods.  Opt for diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy. 

If you are a Vegan, no need to read labels because there are no labels on fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.  Simple!  It was a major adjustment at first and I was bucking it from the beginning.  

Now, the doctor tells me he wants me to eat a steak once a week!  I thought I truly would devour it and enjoy it because of being deprived of meat for two years.  As it turned out, I realized that I was not missing out on much.

I had to learn the hard way but I was fortunate to gain this knowledge after a bad report from blood work indicating a very fatty liver.  I never ate at fast food restaurants but I did eat meat at almost every meal and way too many carbs.  

I cook and eat at home daily with the exception of special occasions.  I sometimes make wrong choices when I'm out grocery shopping as I get cravings too but at least I stay away from fast food places.

Health or disease?  It’s your choice.  Choose wisely. 


And if you still smoke…STOP!


  1. Thank you Rose. I recently obtained a crock pot and do all my dinner cooking in that. Beans, rice and vegetables, with fruit for desert. Since I don't enjoy cooking it great. One pot last several days.
    Heat and eat.

  2. We have changed our diet a whole lot in the past few years. More fresh veggies and fruits. We definitely have cut back on red meat. Tonight for the first time in months it is steak and gravy.

    And yes we Americans tend to lean to the fast and easy. I even hear folks say it is cheaper to eat out than eat at home, I know they cannot be watching the $ marks.

    Good read, and love from North Carolina...

  3. All great things to do! I don't do all of them. I don't smoke or drink. Don't eat fast foods. I do eat meat and I eat too many sweets. What is a fatty liver? sandie