January 9, 2010

Dr. Oz

If you have not heard of Dr. Oz, you must be living in another planet. I fell in love with this doctor with the many appearances he made on Oprah's show....55 to be exact. I'm in awe of him.

He now has his own TV show and I'm glued to my TV every day at 3:00 PM here in South Florida to watch him. There isn't a medical topic that he can't answer a question to. His education and background is supersized!  His father is also a doctor.

He also has an online site called "realage.com". You can test yourself to see what your "real" age is. I took the test once three years ago and it said I was 78 years old! Since then, I stopped smoking, exercise every day even if it is only for 15-20 minutes and try to eat healthy. The age dropped down to 66. Well, I just turned 65 but I would like my age to drop lower on that test. I need to exercise longer.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a Turkish/American Cardiothoracic surgeon and an author. He has been on many of Oprah's TV shows and also on Larry King, CNN and other networks.

In the fall of 2009, Oprah's Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures launched a syndicated daily talk show featuring Oz, called The Dr. Oz Show. And I have not missed one show yet. I'm crazy about him and gaining so much knowledge on how to take good care of myself! He talks about things that you would be so embarrassed to ask your doctor and therefore not getting any answers.

He seems to know it all when most doctors just stay in their specialized field and that is it. He is just "Brilliant". Check him out on your TV Listings in your area.  He is on Channel Five here in South Florida.


  1. I've heard of him but have only watched a very few times as I don't get in much tv at all. Hope you all are staying warm there, I've heard it is cold down south too.

  2. Interesting, will have to try and catch a show sometime. Glad you are enjoying him :o)

  3. I've never watched his show, but I've always liked him whenever I've seen him on Oprah.

  4. WE never turn on the TV, but Sherry did the other day to watch him. Here he is from 9-10.

    Enthusiastic entry. Love 'em. You are good at it. UP beat fits you!
    Love from over and up to Leesburg.
    Sherry & Jack
    gonna check our age.

  5. Okay I am back. Your latest alert does not show up.
    Thanks for the heads up about the realage.com. Now I feel better. I am 64.1 instead of 71. (Sherry said I was younger last night. hahahahahahaha!
    We always enjoy your Blog. I hope you haven's lost your Roses are Read!
    TAke care. We really did get chilly last night and supposed to be colder tonight and tomorrow. WOW for Florida.
    But the folks in Maine say we have it made. ha!
    Sherry & Jack

  6. I've heard the name but never followed his show. I hope he's better than that fat ass moron, "Doctor" Phil.

    Stay warm!


  7. I know this is a little to be posting on Dr. OZ, but I am doing some catch up on your entries.
    I must ad that my husband became a fan of his while we were on vacation. He may not watch all the shows, or the entire show but he really likes to check in and see what he is talking about. It is pretty much the same for me. He is well worth watching.

  8. Hi Rose,

    This is so weird you are writing about him as I have never seen his show before until last week. I liked him too and he is not too hard on the eyes either.