December 28, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year
Wow, another new year approaching!  Most of us make a list of new resolutions starting with stop smoking, lose weight and exercise and declutter, declutter, declutter!

Well, I already stopped smoking three years ago so I scratched that off my list, Yippee!  By the way, it was not an easy thing to do. I'm still working on losing the weight that I gained from stop smoking! Now, it's time to declutter my life.  It seems that at least every several months, I buy a bag of large trash bags and try to get rid of things in my walk-in closet because I'm always tripping on something due to lack of space, everything seems to go in the closet.

I now have the shelves looking neat with the clear containers but I still need to color coordinate my outfits hanging by two different sizes...just in case!

Gosh, I miss attics and cellars. No such things here in South Florida.  Maybe, it's best...It is just more places to store more stuff that we don't need.  Well, I'll take that back, you do need storage for Xmas trees, ornaments, wrapping paper, bows,  hurricane equipment, suitcases, etc.

I always find excuses as to why I'm saving certain items that I consider cherished possessions that are tucked away in a box or something. If they were so cherished....I doubt they would be buried in a closet. They would be proudly displayed somewhere in my house I would

It seems that it was just a few short months ago, I gave away tons of clothes and shoes and made a mild dent in my closet. I should have tried to make some money and bring them to a consignment shop instead.

I recently purchased more clear shoe boxes and transferred all my shoes from its original boxes to the clear ones.........what a difference that made. They have pretty lime/green handles and match the huggable lime green hangers I purchased several years ago. They work great and they do really give you extra space than those fat round bulkie plastic hangers. I do need to order more..........Yes, I have tons of shoes!

I ordered these clear plastic shoe boxes made by "Sterilite" (7 Qt size) online at Walmart and they have a new policy now "ship to store". So, you order your stuff, save on the shipping and handling, as the manufacturer delivers directly to the store. They email you when your merchandise need to stand in line at the and out of that store I hate to go into......It is always too crowded and frustrating but they have great prices for certain items like my new purchase.

Now to tackle under the bed!  So, you see, it is never new year's resolutions to declutter, it's something you should be doing periodically anyway. Give away to Good Will things you don't need and help out the needy. We all have tons of clothes that don't fit us anymore....whether too tight and if you are lucky, to big! LOL

The chore took close to three hours including going up and down my stairs taking trash bags to the dumpster. Nearly pulled my back out again. Ah, the condo lifestyle sometimes is not so convenient. I miss having a garage and my own trash container with wheels on it that I used to just wheel to the end of the lifting, tugging, pulling, up and down the stairs.................Ugh. An elevator would be helpful at least!

Well, enjoy your parties for New Years and try to keep your resolutions for the new year and above all stay safe.

Hugs, Rose


  1. Happy New Year 2010!

    Be well, stay safe!

    Hugs, Rose

  2. Being up north I do have a basement and an attic. They are both full of stuff. I'm hoping that this new year will be the year I finally make a dent in it. Since I moved here quite a number of years ago, I've never really had the time to go through every thing. Of course there were the years that my babes moved in and out with college and then getting their own places when they married too. Clutter is not something I like at all but do to limited space I tend to be that way. There is also the fact that I move much slower now and have little or no help so it goes slowly here...Little by little and one day at a time. I hope your New Year is a blessed one full of only wonderful things.

  3. Love the logic! And I have made such an liar out of myself for many years that I quit with the resolution(s) . Now I use the one shot method. I might make one that I MIGHT can keep. LOL

    The MOtor Home life is sorta like the condo. WE have it so that most of the time if something comes in something must go out. But like resolutions, if you can find the little extra hole, you can squeeze something new in.

    You are kidding! You have a lot of shoes? YOu are a lady so it is probably relative, I think the minimum for a lady is fifteen pair. There is no maximum.hahahaha!

    Take care, to you from over in lake Griffin State Park.
    Sherry (with a lot of shoes) and Jack with four pair also.(2 of them brand new!!!)

  4. I went through all my clothes on Saturday and took the castaways to GoodWill today. To early for a resolution, but then again, I make my resolutions year round, not just on 1/1 :o)

  5. Congrats on quitting smoking. I too quit around 9 yrs ago, and am so glad I did.
    I too love to organise and use plastic containers. I need to do lots myself. It will make one feel more at ease and happier I think to have things in place.

  6. wow your early on your new yr post. i'll do mine on ny day. i don't make resolutions, haven't for years. just muddle along & do the best i can ea yr. lol
    i clean out my closet ea season, & give some things to the womes shelter. any coats or sweaters go to project warmth.
    have a good week, & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  7. Besides the smoking bit, sounds as if we are aiming at the same projects! LOL... So hard to decide what to keep sometimes.

    Happy New Year!

  8. I wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous new year my love.


  9. Hi Rose,
    Enjoyed your thoughts about de-cluttering, and the one prior about choosing your friends (ie. Tiger Woods.)
    I had a wild New Years Eve that rivaled our night out in Delray! Had 2 different guys! One wanted to go out early for dinner and I met the other one at Blue Martini at 11pm! I'm not really 'interested' in either but they sure made it a fun, zany, memorable New Years!
    Hope you had fun, too---
    Happy New Year, Rose,

  10. well, i have finally read through you blog without distraction from my kids[lol] i have just one word to describe it; BEAUTIFUL! I was not bored at all!