January 23, 2010

Silver Sneakers

Yes, folks....I turned 65 in January and I jumped for joy when my Medicare Card arrived in my mailbox! Well, I'm not thrilled to be older but I certainly suffered for 8 years without health insurance due to existing conditions. I'm blessed with two friends that are nurses that helped me through some health issues along the way. It was very costly for my doctor visits when it became absolutely necessary to warrant an appointment. Being a woman, it is mandatory for the pap tests and mammogram.......more $$$ for my checkbook which could barely cover these expenses and I had to make sacrifices in other areas for my budget to handle these bills. So YES! I love having health insurance.

shooting scaleI got so hyped up to join Silver Sneakers to get my old body back into shape. I walked into the classroom and felt like I was the youngest person in the class. To my surprise, I could NOT keep up with the 80 year olds! I was huffing and puffing and sweating my brains out. But I made a commitment to myself to go three days a week and later anxious to join the Zumba class which I'm sure most have you heard about as it is all the rage these days. It is a fast pace form of Latin dancing that surely gives you a boost of Cardio. I love Ballroom dancing so I hope being a former ballroom dancer that this will help me keep up in the class. LOL I'll let you know how I do.

HippoOh my, my first day in a Silver Sneakers Class at another gym, this elderly gentleman fell off the big ball he was sitting on for balance and weights in his hand....his head banged on the floor and I freaked out. Why would they give an 80 year old a large ball to sit on and placed on slippery hardwood floors? The next instruction was to slide your tush down on the ball and that is when this poor guy crashed. He was fine but it was scary for me to watch. I got a yoga mat that was stacked high against the wall and told the guy perhaps the mat on the floor under the large ball may prevent the ball from sliding.

I, on the other hand was smart and skipped that part of that class altogether. Damn, if I fall off of that big exercising ball! I'm trying to get back into shape not break bones or split my head open!  Of course, every gym makes you sign a disclaimer that they are not responsible for your injuries.

Decided to try a different gym and luck was with me to find a fabulous instructor.  Only four classes under my belt so far and I already lost 3 lbs.  That is good for me!  WhoooHoooooooooo!

Everyone in my class remembered my name and greeted me with such kindness. The Instructor's name is "September". She is a hoot...whenever we are lifting weights she yells out "Oh yeah.... Baby, Baby" when the arms are started to hurt. She sings and jokes around with everyone and calls out their names. I really like her. She gets you motivated. And, my favorite Sinatra songs are blaring from her boom box! When September starts counting she will start backwards and yells out 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3, then a member in our class takes over and says: twooooooooooooooooo and 1. September's personality and great sense of humor makes that hour go by quickly and worth it.

hydrantWe do a lot of weights while sitting in a chair and a lot of kicks with our legs while standing up.....one particular kick....the Instructor yelled out...."pretend you are a dog and bend you leg at the knee and lift up to the side to a count of eight. Don't let the words "Silver Sneakers" fool you. These people are devoted to their exercise and take it very seriously which in turn provides them with a better quality of life.

Well, my goal is important. I want to receive all the benefits from increasing flexibility and improving my balance. Just try standing on one foot....how long can you do it? This class also provides great stretching techniques. I definitely went home feeling very sore. God Bless our older generation, these people take their exercising seriously and they have stamina. By my third class, I was able to keep up and they all cheered for me!  They are too funny.

Being flexible allows me fuller movement and reduced pain in my joints so that it is easier to perform my daily activities. I highly recommend Silver Sneakers for you Seniors out there. Go put that younger crowd to shame!

YogaI plan on adding a Yoga/Meditation class too, perhaps in a couple of weeks.

The best part is that it is helping me sleep a little better.  WhooooHooooooooooo!


  1. Nice story about Silver Sneakers Club...
    So are we going see some videos
    of you in your Zumba class??

  2. Great news on the card and the Silver Sneakers. Keep up the great work :o)

  3. congrats on turnings 65 & getting medicare! you may want to get a medigap insur to cover the 20% that medicare doesn't & to cover a lot of your prescription costs. now, your paps & mammograms will be covered.;)
    we don't have a gym here that offers silver sneakers. but where i lived in tx did, i loved it. the doggy exercise you mentioned reminded me of one we did, only we did it while on all 4's, we had to lift our leg & hold it to a count of 10.

  4. Glad you are sleeping better. That is a blessing for sure! Exercise is good for us. I got my medicare card last year and hope to retire this year. I'm not ready for Silver Sneakers but am going to try to do more here at home.

  5. Good for you, Rose!
    Exercising (with the help of "September's" encouragement)
    and losing weight!!!!

  6. Hey us january folks are tough. Great entry. Sherry calls across the table about an hour ago, "Have you read Rose yet, this one it great." She cheats since she doesn't comment. ha! It is good to have the medicare card. Especially when you realy need it. Glad the 'old folks' are giving you a work out. We missed out on dancing, never learned. Still say if we ever settle down we are gonna take classes.
    Loved the entry, (and graphics too, good job, including the dog!)
    Sherry & Jack

  7. 65?? you?? then dont we think we need to change our photo??cause you sure as hell dont look it, thought you were younger than me.good for you hun.you enjoy yourself.take care,love mort xxx shuffles off muttering how women always look younger n men.lol

  8. As you know I have been doing the Silver Sneaker classes for at least six month. I really enjoy them. We requested our instructor to jazz up the tempo for us and she brought in the Mama Mia tape.
    It has become our favorite. I also love Zumba. I feel so much better now. I know you are going to love Zumba once you try it.

  9. Sounds like Silver Sneakers is working great for you!!! Glad you are enjoying it so much.


  10. Well, now, Rose it's sounds like you're having fun with your silver sneakers. Did we give you permission to have fun?


  11. sounds like you are on the right track. My daughter is taking a core class and she said there are women there in their 70s and 80s who really work out with out any problems and they are fit and trim.
    I hope you get sleep better.
    And I am happy you got your insurance. I am uncertain what is going to happen in the future with Obama's plan, so I would get everything done or checked now while you can.

  12. Rose you are the youngest 65 yr old I know! I was at once horrified for the 80 yr old man, but also laughing hysterically and I dont know why because its horrible! But I do know one thing, I hope one day to be 80 yrs old and sitting on a yoga ball!! Even if I happen to fall off hopefully I can get back on and keep going.
    Glad you have your health insurance now and can feel safe aobut that. Its a big deal and I understand that. My husband was laid off for 2 months, then his new job has no insurance and we have to stay on Cobra which is the extension of his old insurance. Feels like our health insurance is so tentative...like it could dissapear. Its an important thing and I'm glad you got it.
    I have heard of Zumba, one day I hope to join that, but so far, not yet, need to get in better shape...

  13. What day was your birthday? I'm so happy you got your health insurance turning 65. That is a big dot deal! That is definitely one of the biggest things I said to my boss when Obama got in, that Health Insurance should be the first thing to fix, and I was surprised when thats what he said was priority as well. Your a perfect example of the hole there is in the system until you turn 65. Take care


  14. So glad that it is helping you sleep! This is just great for you.

  15. Hah, we probably have the same plan because I'm relatively sure my plan offers the same deal at Don Shula's Hotel in Miami Lakes.

    I've never gone there, but maybe I'll check it out this week. If worse comes to worst, there's a restaurant and bar there.


  16. Hi Rose,
    First Happy Belated Birthday and second congratulations on your weight loss! The weight loss group you joined sounds like a lot of fun and it will keep you motivated. It is great having health insurance I am so happy you finally do not have to worry anymore.

  17. Good for you! I've been eyeing a class for older people at our rec center. I keep thinking I should be able to just do a regular class - but who am I kidding? Those seniors will kick my butt.

    We lost our insurance in December. For the first time in our lives we are trying to get it - wow, what an eye opener. Anyone who doesn't believe we need healthcare reform already has insurance!

  18. Rose, what a beautiful blog! Happy 65th Bithday! I am a SilverSneakers instructor in Smithfield, VA and I noticed your entry. It's so cool to see how the classes affect lives! Many SilverSneakers members have never had a gym membership before!
    Do you know that large balls (like the kind the gentleman was using when he fell) are not to be used in SS classes - just for this reason? The only equipement allowed in classes are small (6 -9 inch) balls, weights, and tubes with handles. I'm glad you found a class that you love and fell safe in!!! (SS classes are monitored for safety. Hopefully they will talk to this instructor!)
    I have a lot of SilverSneakers info on my blog for senior fitness instructors. You might find it helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! You are one workout away from feeling better!!