January 12, 2010

Cold Snap in Florida!

Here in South Florida, the cold snap shattered a decades-old record!

The freezing temperatures are still lingering on in South Florida, and do you believe it...... with snow flurries spotted around Orlando and a record low set for Miami.  The News showed snow on top of cars and children trying to make snowballs.  Warmer weather  is coming our way this weekend.

Some citrus groves in northern Florida, sustained substantial damage, as temperatures were in the teens in some parts of northern Florida. Citrus trees rarely survive when exposed to temperatures in the mid-20s or below longer than four hours.

Florida's citrus industry is worth $9.3 billion and produces 75 percent of the nation's orange crop.  Well, be ready to see the price of oranges to go up.

Floridians might have had enough of Mother Nature, but she hasn't had enough of Florida!

Look at the ice forming on the trees.  Yikes, I've been living in Florida close to 21 years now and I have never seen this before.

The heat has been on daily.  I've had on several pairs of socks as my feet were freezing!

I had to check my car's manual to see how to turn on the heated seats which I've never used before!   LOL  Wow, it gets nice and toasty.........Didn't think I would never use those features.

I just don't understand one thing????????  I've never felt this cold inside the house living up in New England for most of my life.  Heat is heat....right?  Why would I still feel so cold in the house?  I don't understand it.

Well, I got the opportunity to take out my winter wardrobe that I reserve for my trips up north. 

Stay warm folks!


  1. this winter has been weird just about everywhere! will b sooo glad when spring gets here. { }

  2. I think living in Florida so long you've adapted to the heat and that's why you're feeling colder than you would have if you'd been living up north. I remember visiting there one October and even though it was cool for people living there, it was way to hot and humid for me. I suppose the cost of oranges and juice will go up for us now.

  3. This is the worst winter we've had in Ky in a LOOOONGGG time also.

    Global warming what? LOL

    I would be so mad if we had planned a vacation to Florida during this cold snap. LOL

  4. My dad is down there, well north of you! My Aunts are blaming my Dad for the cold air! I was laughing because my father said he just can't get away from the cold! LOL


  5. You pointed out a fact. Cold inside, yes the motor home also feels exceptional cold. strange with the heat on.
    We just got a new (2004) odyssey. Sherry is really enjoying that seat warmer feature too. I remember laughing at it, but not now!
    Love from central (and warming up) Florida.
    Nice to see folks out walking here in the park.
    Sherry & Jack

  6. Different humidity. It took me a good 3 years to get used to the colder climes in NY after living in Fla. for 9 years. I do know when the temp. dipped in Fla. I felt it more than I do here. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. been bad here too love.had enough of it.novelty wore off after one day.lol.take care,keep warm,love mort x

  8. when you get used to the heat, the cold is that much colder....brrrr...stay warm!

  9. It is kind of scary when you think of the orange crops being decimated. So weird. Here in the mountains we go from really cold to too warm. It varies day by day.

    Stay warm!

  10. Hope the weather warms up again for you

  11. It's the humidity that makes it so cold. Take low temperatures, a wind of 15-20 miles an hour and the humidity and you have cold that cuts like a knife.


  12. My niece in Ocala had enough snow on the roof of her car last week to make a teeny, tiny snowman.

  13. I for one am so happy the weather has finally gotten back to normal last Friday.

    Unfortunately all the leaves on my drought tolerant plants have fallen off the plants. I'm hoping they will come back.

    My basil plant is one long stick. LOL