September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

This long Labor Day weekend was a blank canvas on my calendar and all my friends were busy, so I decided to go solo and create my own masterpiece. I had three days to do something for myself instead of just cleaning the house or sitting in front of my computer creating more animations. I decided to get out and enjoy being outdoors after being stuck in the house due to the outer bands that thrashed Palm Beach County from Hurricane Isaac causing flooded streets all last week.

I decided to start day one at the Library. Gosh, I love the smell of the library, don’t you? Love the coffee shop in our new Library, so I headed there after selecting a few books to take home. It was getting costly to purchase books lately. “People watching” is also one of my favorite things to do. I will eventually want to own a Kindle Fire because they look so cool whenever I see someone using them.

Did you know that you can borrow a book from the library and download it to your Kindle all for free???? It is my understanding that there is a time limit to read the book before it is automatically removed from your Kindle. The good thing is that your Kindle only has your germs on it and not like the tons of germs from all the folks that have taken out that library book before you. Yah, I’ve become a bit germ-o-phobic! LOL

Day two, I decided to contact a lovely elderly woman that used to live in my complex but sadly she is blind and her son built an in-law apartment for this lovely lady so she would not be alone and they could care for her. It was getting difficult for him to stop by every day after work plus he has a family of his own.

I remembered how I enjoyed reading to her every Sunday when she lived here and would share my leftover food with her since she loved my Italian cooking and she also lived alone.
So, I spent a lovely afternoon on day two, reading to this sweetheart of a lady. She was delighted to see me and I realized how much I missed seeing her.

Day three, of this holiday weekend, I decided to take a long walk down the beach. Something I have not done in years! I chose to go to Deerfield Beach, as they have benches along the shoreline, so I can stop when my knee acted up and my back started to ache. It also gave me more people watching time.

I ended the day by going to the movies by myself and after the movies, stopped to have a cocktail at a local lounge.

No, this long weekend didn’t involve a spectacular getaway vacation somewhere or an expensive dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. It was simple yet a unique masterpiece filling my empty calendar designed by me only!

How many times have you wished that you had time to enjoy the simple things of life that didn’t involve anyone else but you? Stop wishing. It’s here. It’s called today. So go where you’ve been meaning to go. Do what you’ve been meaning to do. Go ahead and create your own unique masterpiece.

Most times, I would prefer to be with my circle of friends. I like to choose my audience wisely. I believe it is important to surround yourself with people who see you and appreciate who you really are. It is important to make it a practice to keep the company of those who only want the very best for you. Stop wasting your time trying to convince those who don't "get" you or understand your choices in life.

Everyone needs a cheerleader!


  1. I'm so happy to hear you got out and enjoyed the weekend after being cooped up so long. Good thing you can continue doing whatever you want throughout the week and don't have work getting in the way of your happy time. Enjoy! XO

  2. You certainly make a beautiful cheer leader. Loved the story of your painting, and indeed it was a masterpiece. Not only special things for yourself, but time for an old friend who indeed, I am sure, loved the time.
    Great read! Thanks....

    Love from Bangor.....

  3. It sounds like a wonderful weekend for you. We don't have to count on others for our own happiness for sure. I did have company all weekend with my youngest son and his family coming home for a few days and we also had an unwanted guest too in the form of a skunk in the back yard. Believe me guests like that I could have done without. Glad you had a great Labor Day!

  4. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend!