August 28, 2012

50th Class Reunion!

We turned back the clock and walked down memory lane on August 17, 2012 and attended our 50th Class Reunion which was so special and I was thrilled to see so many friends that I have not seen in 50 years! We have known each other all the way through grade school, middle school and high school. Not too many people can say that.

Marriage, jobs, achievements took us all to different directions and went our separate ways after graduation and some of us moved out of state, so, therefore, not able to see each other as the years went by. I’m fortunate that my children and family still live in the Boston area so I have had the opportunity to get together with our Revere Gang whenever I’m up for a visit, as Diane usually plans a Luncheon which is always great fun.

Some classmates traveled as far as from California, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Florida. That told me a lot of us still care to travel such a great distance. Yes, we are a great bunch!

Thank you to John Henry and Diane Beatrice for encouraging me to create “The Lantern” which I believe has drawn us closer since inception. To repeat what our dear friend, Arthur Buonopane said “It almost seems as if we are still walking the halls of Revere High and seeing each other every day.” As, that is exactly what it felt like being at the reunion.

The committee worked very hard to put together such an eventful days of events for all of us to enjoy which started with:

Day one: the Reunion at Spinelli’s

Day two: a BBQ the following day at Diane and Chuckie’s lovely home (we never made it to Revere Beach for the fireworks)

Day three: brunch at Deb and John Henry’s house prior to the “All Shook Up” Elvis play at the Beverly Theater.

Day four: onto Diane and Chuckie’s daughter’s home, then a day down the Cape at Linda (Spagnolo) Lattanzi’s home. Shopping and dinner with the girls.

Day five: And, for me, spending time with my daughter and son before returning home to Florida. Did I mention, I was greeted by Hurricane Isaac upon my return home? Ugh.

The memories will always be embedded in the corridors of my mind. As we grow up, we learn that you'll cry because time is flying by so try not to miss these opportunities to get together.

I love taking pictures for the memories, I love to laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, I try to forgive freely as life comes with no guarantees. We lost so many classmates from our very large class and we are blessed that we were able to attend our 50th Reunion together.

A special thank you to Diane and Chuckie for opening their home for me, Janice and Janet to bunk at their home for the weekend. It was very kind and generous of you!
All photos are posted on “The Lantern” Blog!

God Bless all of you and thanks for the memories!


  1. Happy 50th reunion!!! I too am celebrating my 50th this year but didn't attend as it was at an inopportune time. Here I am where I was born and raised and still rarely ever see anyone I went to school with. I think most do like to travel. Hope some of your friends can come down your way. I see that the hurricane is to hit the Gulf Coast today so prayers for all in harms way.

    Take good care !

  2. Love the August picture.
    You are so right about folks who go from grade school thru High School together. My Sherry did that and the reunions are great for her.

    I loved your report and such a love story of friends, sherry will love this one when she gets here.
    So glad you had a wonderful time and someone didn't invite a lot of old folks to the reunion. LOL

    Also glad Isaac's fury wasn't at your door step.
    Love from Maine!!!!

  3. GLAD you had FUN at your reunion. Sounds like a LOVELY time. My hubby was sick and missed his 50th. Vowed he would NOT miss his 55th. It was this past weekend and he did. He keeps in touch via email, though. Class has a website and they post pictures for those that couldn't come. I have NEVER been to any of mine. The close friends I had in school have passed on. take care.

  4. How nice for you!! I'm glad you were able to get together with your former friends and classmates.

  5. Old and New memories combined, how cool :o)