September 23, 2012

Boston You're My Home!

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I feel passionate about moving back to my roots but with the advice of a financial planner tells me I can’t afford to make the move. Yet, I really want to pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I want to cancel out his advice when I’m told I can’t fulfill my dreams. The only place where your goals and dreams are possible is inside your head. I want to go ahead and follow through. Then the fears set in and I know that he is right that financially, it is impossible to make the move.

What scares me is that we all know time flies and years slip away. The time is passing me by and keeping me away from my children, family and friends. I want to make the necessary changes to make me happy. I want to make beautiful memories again, so I can look back with no regrets.

I attempted once to make the move in 2007 and I actually put my condo up for sale but not one bite, the economy was against me. The economy has not changed all that much now to try again unless I want to accept half of what my condo is worth.

Yes, it does cost more to live in Massachusetts than to live in Florida but I’m alone here. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends here in Florida but the hurricane season leaves my heart in palpitations all the time. I hate the humidity and constant heat. The winters are usually glorious but last winter was not……….just hot and then hotter!

I have been living in Florida for 22 years now but since my husband has passed away. All the sunshine, palm trees and blooming flowers are not enough for me to want to stay here by myself.

Someone said to me, “Stay in Florida because eventually everyone will retire in Florida anyway and then you will be stuck up North all by yourself again.” Ughhhhhhhhh! True, that could very well happen. It certainly would be a dilemma for me then for sure!

I actually miss the snow. Of course, I would select a senior place to live where I would not have to shovel snow. I’m retired so I won’t have to freeze and wait for the bus and trains to travel to a workplace. But Mass transportation would be handy if necessary. Seniors in Florida can’t get around like they can up north. Once your driver’s license is taken away from you, you are stuck indoors due to the damn heat.

I’m a city girl and always will be!  Boston, you’re my home!


  1. The summers are long in Fla. as long as the Winters in Mass. You miss your Family back home and that is understandable, but not for me i have only Diane and a few older cousins. Everyone has their own life and when you think things will be better in Mass. it might not . We will be in Delray before you know it ,Diane has said she needs someone who likes to shop, she is not buyer but a looker, and has problems with directions but she drives ! Peter

  2. Patience, where there is a will there is a way...

  3. Hi Rose,
    I really enjoyed your video (and never knew that song by the Standells was about Boston! Now I listened closely to the lyrics.)

    I love Boston, too, but I am just as happy here. In fact, I just passed a landmark having lived from 1975 to 1991 in Boston and from 1991 to 2012 here---that's 16 years in Boston and 21 here--well, I thought it was more or less equal time.

    No question that Boston is more expensive---it's ridiculous to look at the shabby properties going for $450,000 ----I was just there this past month, August 16 weekend for a wedding and saw the properties in the newspaper. Ridiculous!

    Anyway, your story made me sad because I can see that you are not happy and crave being there.
    So sorry---I wish you happiness!


  4. This one is hard. Of course you have friends, you would. The call of family to a family person is strong. We can sure see the love for Boston in your writing. Yeah, some questions are harder than others to answer.
    When we went on the road, we put our condo up for sale. It did not. so We turned it over to a Realtor we KNEW and now it brings in a good monthly addition to our retirement.

    That is not always possible, When be bought in Florida, part of the sales agreement did not allow us to sublet, so we did sell that one.

    I know that is not always an option, but thank goodness it was for us.

    We do love Florida in the 'winta'.

    Love you lady and hope you can get a settled mind.

  5. I don't like winters much at all but I stay here in northern Ohio because this is home, where most of my family are too. Some of them are out of state but I wouldn't want to live where they are either. I no longer have to go out to work everyday, but I am responsible for shoveling the snow and that gets harder every year. Sorry you feel you are stuck there but don't give up...things will change. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about how warm you are this winter while I'm shivering from the cold.

  6. I was born and raised here and it's really the only place I know. I've skied in Colorado and Lake Tahow, but it's a dry cold.

    The wet sloshy winters of the northeast would never work for me.


  7. Gosh you have got that shopping down pat. I like some things in bulk like paper goods. But the meals are way to big. Then i can find small meals for one person, but they are expensive. I have four here to feed. And what my problem is no one likes the same thing! lol. Love, sandie

  8. Well, I was really rocking and rolling singing "Dirty Water" ......Sal probably thought I was nuts. When I first moved there in the earlt 70s' with my former husband "What's His Name", I hated it! Very unfriendly, cold etc etc/. But when the office moved I felt my heart was rippped out. Great friends, wonderful people. Even though I'm a Midwesterner by birth I considerd myself an "Easterner" and proud of it, so I can feel your desire to move back. Crappy ice storms, frigid freezing winter weather. But, just imagine youself sitting in front of a blazing fire drinking something warm. Or, on a more realiatic side, you can to the the beach and freeze your butt off while eating at Kelly's. Ahh, memories...............