September 4, 2011

Don't Let Life Discourage You!

I had one of those “melt down” days over something stupid!

It started when I left my Silvers Sneakers Class the other morning and this “road rage” poured out of me when I was leaving the parking lot to my gym. I counted seven (7) freaking cars that the drivers did not use their directionals to alert me that they were pulling in the parking lot I was pulling out of…..and yes, they all had their freaking cell phones glued to their ears! That got my blood boiling!

I think if all these Cell Phone users had to take their driver's license test over again, they would all flunk the test!  They are all forgetting the rules of the road because they are letting their cell phones distract them!

Yes, I have Bluetooth in my car so I’m fortunate that I don’t have to hold my phone to my ear but I care about my safety and the safety of others that I do not use my cell phone while driving unless it was an emergency.

How many years have we all gone without “cell phones”? Are all these calls really that urgent while driving?

I know there will be days when we all end up having a melt own, freaking out, and going into an emotional tailspin. It’s completely normal, I understand that.

What’s important is, once it’s over, I  need to pick up the pieces and regain my composure.  My problem is I beat myself up over it because I lost control.

We all expect bad days every once in a while. These days may scare me and upset me, but I realize they are all part of life. A great day is just around the corner!

I just imagine all the great things I could do if I were calm, peaceful, and relaxed while at the same time being highly determined and persistent. Though I often think of determination as stressful, anxious, hard-edged, and I also realize that it does not have to be. In fact, calm determination is every bit as effective as frenzied determination -- in most cases even more effective. And, it is a heck of a lot  more enjoyable.

I try real hard to give my best to when my day starts in the morning and give my best to all my efforts and pray that good things will come from it. I know that Hurricane Season here in South Florida is not helping my “feel good” days!

I wish I had more beads to make a pretty necklace or something with my newly found craft making “Fashion Jewelry”. I truly enjoy it and it calms me as well.


  1. You just can't let those kind of days get you down for sure. There is a lot of crazy drivers on the roads for sure. Often I'm content to stay at home. But life goes on and we have to deal with it and move on. Living one day at a time. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one there.

  2. I have said it often, when you read Roses are Read, you Read somthing. Again you hit the nail on the head about life. It is what we make of it.
    CELL PHONES!! Yeah it is amazing how we got along with out them every minute in the car. It does not get thru to some that is is DANGEROUS, especially the TEXTING.

    But we control our own lives. You got the handle.
    Love from North Carolina.

  3. The cell phones piss me off, but I usually just release the anger when I get out of the car. The key is not letting it drag you down.

    My word verification is "rearus", how appropriate :o)

  4. I know what you mean, Rose. When something pushes me too far and I finally blow, I always feel very guilty about it, and that feeling stays with me much longer than it should. We do all have those days. I hope the rest of your day has gone well.

  5. I understand exactly where you are coming from. Calm determination only works up to a certain extent. I try to NEVER use my cellphone when driving. This afternoon I was in the car with someone who did and they were all over the road. I had to scream "Watch what you're doing" to get their attention. It's so-oo frustrating. Sometimes you just have to release all those feelings. Don't be mad at yourself for being human.

  6. I rarely use my cell phone when driving. It's the same mentality that convinces me there's no reason to use my cell phone to go online.

    There are few things so pressing to encourage me to do so.