August 18, 2011

We all know what happens when we get older!

I’ve have not written in a while. My mind has been focused on family members that are ailing with one in a wheelchair suffering with Parkinsons, another sibling that has been falling and losing balance, two others with hip replacements, and one that is bedridden, and one that had a bad fall.

And very recently, my adorable niece just lost her husband and a young age of 55 from cancer. So very sad! All live out of state so I feel helpless living here in Florida and they are all in the Boston area. As you must realize by now that I come from a very large family!

Where have all the years gone that my siblings and myself are getting older and we all know what can happen as we get older: memory loss, aching bones, weight gain, diabetes, heart problems . . . But the real culprits aren't the problems per se; the biological mechanisms that cause them in the first place are. They are called the major agers.

Your genes determine how you age -- and what conditions and diseases you're most vulnerable to getting. You can't change your genes, but you can help control the way they take over your body. I’ve learned to protect myself from sunburn, I quit smoking four and a half years ago and I try to meditate almost every day to reduce my stress, I have become a Vegan (modified) and I exercise.





I purchased a DVD to try Chi Gong, a series of meditative movements that help calm the immune system to reduce chronic inflammation. It really helps me a lot and I continue with my Silver Sneakers Classes at my gym three days a week.

We live in a world with chemicals -- from cars, cleaning products, pesticides on our food and fumes from factories. Some of the toxins make themselves obvious (for instance, they smell bad), but many are colorless or odorless, so you may not notice that they're seeping into your world and your body.

A few years ago, I purchased a floor steamer to steam my tiled floors and my rugs; I’ve also purchased special cleaning cloths to eliminate the constant use of paper towels for cleaning. Going Green is not that hard and it will save you tons of money as well.

I think it is important to detox your home the best you can.

Right now my mind is spinning with so many concerns and foremost the pain my young niece is experiencing right now with her loss. I know only too well that going from widowhood to selfhood is more than coping and overcoming. We are dragged unwillingly into this so-called life passage, as always there will be good days and bad days and all the little inequities that comprise life at any time.

I know that acceptance is the final stage of recovery for widows and when you reach that stage you will be able to function independently and to make a new life. I wish I could lighten her burden but unfortunately, it’s a road one has to travel by yourself to accept the final stage and it is not easy and I say this from experience.


  1. Auntie, Auntie, Auntie where you find the time...I'm grateful for your newsletter. I showed it to my boss' husband the other day with all your cool graphics. We are so very lucky to have you who keeps all the family together. Yes, I burst out crying seeing the little message on my husband as it is very hard on me right now! But, having family and extended family and very good friends is what helps this process! I'm drying my eyes, but what truth in all your brothers and sisters ailments and as we age and of course the ienevitable, death. Thank you for being there for me, I love you and we are all so lucky to have you keeping us together. No matter what, BLOOD is thicker than water.
    Luv Camille

  2. Rose, what a caring Blog entry. The comment by Camille, says tons.
    When I face something new in this life, I like to know that others have walked that way, I seek them out.
    Knowing you have walked thru much the same as your niece, says much for your advice.
    As always Rose, you speak to life.
    Sherry & Jack sending Love from NOrth Carolina.

  3. What a great entry, very touching. And there's a lesson we can take away from it, too. You're absolutely right when you say we can take steps to help prevent flipping the genetic switches that might otherwise make us sick. Thanks for the advice and your caring entry.

  4. This entry saddened my heart for I am going through pretty much the same thing. My husband is very ill, won't be with me much longer, i just had back surgery, a sister has Parkinson's, another had leg amputated due to Diabetes. A sister a little younger than me just had a stroke. As you can tell I too am from a large family. And like you, I am far away from them, unable to do much. That's what we always say, but I have learned, as I am certain you have that loving counts so much, just as online friends do. Knowing I will not have my precious husband with me for much longer really causes me to appreciate this little, unexpected things others do for me. Those who have you in their life are very blessed. I can tell.

  5. My BFF recently lost her husband. It's a hard pill to swallow at any age. But when you're as young as your niece, it's TRAGIC. You have so many worries with your family, the meditation will help balance it all. It's hard living so far away from everyone, I know. I have the same problem. This was a heartfelt post. You take care.

  6. It must be very difficult for you to be so far away from your family. Aging is not easy for any of us but we do what we can with what we have and make the most of each day we have. I know I am most fortunate that so far I've been healthy but we never know when that may change for us. Sending lots of Love and Hugs from Ohio.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your niece's husband..Jimmy told me!! I do believe however there is a plan for all us including my Mom, which took a long time for me to believe and understand!!

    Take Care,

  8. As we age, it gets harder and harder to see ones we love move on. Hugs to you and your family.