September 13, 2011

Dreading sitting in the Dentist Chair!

I’ve always feared the dentist chair due to aggressive dentists which cause unnecessary pain to the patient. I now have to make an appointment again and my heart continues to race. Let’s say, I have extreme case of dental phobia! I’m well aware that my fears are not uncommon and many steer clear of the dentist each year due to anxiety.

I have been letting this dental issue linger longer than I should have and now it’s time to pay the piper!

I got some referrals from friends and found a great woman dentist a few towns away. She was amazing and calmed my fears. She explained to me that new technologies have made dental procedures shorter and state of the art instruments mean less discomfort.

Plus, she stated that the younger dentists today acknowledge patient stress.

Unfortunately, this new found wonderful dentist does not accept Medicare patients or any form of insurance for that matter. With Humana Gold Plus, I’m allowed free cleanings and xrays. That alone is costly. So, I thought I’d try the Humana way and hate to leave the lovely woman dentist that doesn’t hurt me sitting in that “chair”.

Keep flossing everyone!


  1. It certainly can be traumatic, I know I had neglected for my teens and early twenties and then payed the price with four wisdom teeth pulled and a root canal. The new composite material is much better than the old silver fillings.

  2. I had a wonderful dentist for years and then he retired and left his practice to his son...who upped the prices. I went to another place that was considerably cheaper and believe me you get what you pay for. Now I hate to go back to the other one so I've not gone for a long time...thanks for the reminder to floss. Maybe that will help.

  3. I hate going to the dentist. I share your phobia. I'm terrified. I had one bad experience and it's stayed with me all these years. Glad you have found someone who's understanding so you can work through your issues in the chair.

  4. This time will be different. Believe it and calm your fears. It is strange that dentists, dredge up more dread than any other profession I think.
    I have put off a root canal for about 8 months now, so it is time for me also to pay the piper once the GREAT CRUISE is over.
    We are in SC to over night, then on into central Florida tomorrow. Then to Tampa Sunday, for the CRUISE.
    So I will try to forget about dentist until I return.

    All will be well there. You will find a handsome, single dentist who will fall madly in love with you and do the work gently for free.

    Love ya!
    Sherry & jack

  5. I used to be the same way ... avoiding dentists whenever possible. Then one day I just decided it was time to 'get with the program' and am glad I did. A lot of other health issues can start with the teeth, so it's better to take good care of them!

  6. I had lost my original dentist in Fl. after 25 years. He had the nerve to retire. LOL I am very happy to say that I found another great dentist thru Humana. Best to bite the bullet and go as soon as possible.