May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

Nothing special to do this weekend, not even a BBQ to attend because a lot of my friends are away for the long weekend, so I headed out to my condo pool.

There are some Craft Festivals going on in Delray tomorrow and I may go to that weather permitting………the forecast is predicting rain for Sunday so that is an iffy thing marked on my calendar!

Wow, just about everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and Bebo and now I understand employees even use it at the office!

It makes me wonder, are all these young professionals hanging out in cyberspace wasting the employer’s time?

This topic came up while I was sitting by my pool today and I got a different perspective on this subject. I was speaking to a businessman that owns a small business. His view was that allowing his employees to use his computers on his dime sometimes was essential to team building and a sense of collective purpose. What purpose?????

He claims he did his research with other employers of small business companies and they feel it can actually increase a workers productivity. Well, you can’t prove that by me. I’m retired now but for 42 years of being in the Legal profession, I didn’t have time to go pee let alone socialize on Facebook while working on the clock! Then again, we didn’t have all this technology 42 years ago either! LOL But we did have it the last 20 years of me being in the workforce.

I feel that allowing this, it opens up portals of communication to the world and can also have serious drawbacks for businesses and most definitely damage to a company’s confidentiality and reputation if employees who post rumors, leak company information and being the office bully to other colleagues. Employees forget that their boss has the capability of reading their emails, so keep your opinions of the company and co-workers to yourself.

But my neighbor said that when he gives his people a deadline and they meet it, he didn’t care how they used their downtime. He actually feels that it makes his employees more loyal and dedicated. 

I disagree with this man but that is my personal opinion. If I were the employer and I’m paying someone to work 8 hours a day and that person is spending 4 of those hours on Facebook, I would feel like I’m getting screwed! I’m sure there is always something to do in a busy office! Or at least, make yourself look busy! LOL

One thing is for sure is that Social networking is here to stay! I’ve known that employers check on potential employees behavior just by googling their name or checking to see if they are on Facebook and check out all their photos just to see if they are misbehaving.

I just heard on the News today that the DMV is now allowing young 16 year olds to take their driver’s license test ONLINE! WHAT? What about the “on the road” test? Dah!

You have the draw the line somewhere! What the hell is the Governor of my State thinking?

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. I think most schools now require a driving class before you can take the test, so they are getting the road work.

  2. I totally agree with you. It is as if they cannot function and be present in the moment any longer. Just able to "be" with the people you are actually in the room with. I have 3 teens so I see this even with them and I try to limit the phone time at home. No phone during chores or EVER at the table when we are eating. Not even their friends are able to be on their phone when we are eating. They all get stared at and then one of the kids fills them in no phone at the table. I think it is scary.

  3. I'm so glad that I am the age I am and don't have to have much at all to do with all the changes going on in the world. The young people don't realized how different it was from now as far as all the texts, facebook etc. and keeping your personal life separate from work. I'm at the camper enjoying a warm breeze sitting in the shade right now. Still I do have my computer here and am thankful for some changes in my life.

  4. Happy Memorial Day Rose. I agree with your Facebook opinion.


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